Feet Flubs – Wear Your Shoes Right

Every girl has a unique fashion sense and each girl is born to use that sense with style. One needs basic styling skills as well as creative skills to look outstanding from the rest. Office wear, Casual get together, Evening parties or Events/Concerts; dressing up is must. Girls often dress up and makeup their faces but tend to take their footwear lightly. As they say – “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life”. Let us see some vital footwear which is must in your closet. Let’s see the many ways you can look different with the shoes you wear. Don’t worry; it’s all from your closet.

Boots: Boots come in all sizes, shapes and colors. They add the punch to your outfit if you are wearing it right. There are many ways to wear the boots and look stupendous.

  1. Pair up skinny jeans with over-sized tee. Or wear a long jacket. Tuck your jeans in long boots and get the clear confident look for the evening.
  2. Wear a denim skirt with a tee. Top it up with a denim jacket and wear wedge boots. Carry a simple tote bag and you are ready for the casual meet-up.
  3. Wear formal skirt and a white shirt with a blazer or jacket. Pair them up with black ankle boots. Office look is ready with style.
  4. Put on casual shorts and a shirt. Wear a cardigan. Dress in black tights and black boots. You are ready for a fashionable look.

High Heels: Your wardrobe is incomplete without heels. Girls often wear heels on every outfit they wear if they are going to dress up. This is not correct. The ways to wear heels are many but the way to wear them right are few. Let’s see.

  1. Jeans: Wearing high heels with jeans is just not happening anymore. Jeans if skinny go well with heeled boots and if loose, should be paired with low heels or platforms.
  2. Office Wear: High heels in office are perfect as far as you do not wear it each day. They bring in many problems like foot pain, backache, butt-ache and more.
  3. Evening Party/Prom Night: This is the occasion when you should wear the high heels and look flattering.

Platforms: Platform heels are a smart way of looking casual as well as modern at the same time. There are varieties of platform shoes that have linear edge on half the sandal and high heels at the end and there are complete platforms.

  1. Office Wear: You should never wear platforms for any formal do or at office. They form a part of casual look.
  2. Chic look: Pair up a flared skirt with floral tube top and a scarf. Wear platform heels over the outfit and your look is ready.
  3. Casual look: Wear shorts and colorful top with platform wedges to get the cool and casual look.
  4. Pretty look: Wear a knee length dress and a jacket with sleeves creased up. Put on your platform boots and look cute and pretty.