Filing Tax Returns Made Easy

Filing Tax Returns Made Easy

Each and every individual whop earns more than a certain amount is liable to pay taxes. Each and every country has their own rules and regulations for tax payers and terms and conditions differ from genre to genre. There is a different term for people who have fixed incomes and for those who owns a business where the income differs time to time. More or less every rule comes down to a basic fact that people have to pay tax as a revenue of making money in a specific country. Property taxes etc. are collected time to time from owners and income tax is also essential.

People knows that the government possesses a different identification number for its citizens that helps in identifying individuals and their integrity of being the citizen of a particular country. Regardless of the fact that a person is an immigrant or is born in the United States the identity card issued by the government is a must for a person who is staying in the United States and same is the case with other countries. In a similar way the IRS also issue identification number to its tax payers for the ease of identification.

There are two divisions of identification number provided by the IRS. One is for the citizens who are liable to pay taxes and are eligible to qualify the terms and conditions for getting a SSN (service security number) and the other group are those who are eligible for paying taxes but do not qualify the criteria to get the SSN and hence they are provided with ITIN number. The individual taxpayer id number and the SSN can never belong to one person together. People who qualifies to have a SSN can never ask for taxpayer id number because it is legally prohibited.

This Itin number helps the government official of the income tax department to maintain a database of the tax payers and collect revenues accordingly. They can also identify the increase or decrease in the income of the individual tax payers and then take steps according to the described rules by the IRS. ITIN application form is the W7 form that is available on the official web site. One can search for it and get the details on the web site itself. The detailed form consists question about the identification of the applicant and one needs to fill the form and then mail it to the given address of IRS along with the verification documents asked by the officials.

The list of documents and the alternatives are provided in the web site. In case the applicant has any queries regarding the Itin application or needs to know something about the same then one can simply chat with the online customer service people or can contact on the given contact number. The 24×7 customer helpline makes it easy for the applicants to understand things better and eliminate confusions of any. File for the taxpayer id number and even renew the old one via W7 form.