Financial Planning With Micro Finance

Financial Planning With Micro Finance

A very well known proverb says, “Someone is sitting in the shade because someone else planted the tree there”. There can be no bright future if there is no planning. Whether it is family, education or even going for a vacation, everything needs a proper plan to bear fruitful results; and this is the most suitable with reference to your finances.

Financial planning is something that cannot be done without, in order for one to enjoy the fruits of his hard work. It is but essential to have a financial plan and follow it accordingly. The Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation helps the poor and the under privileged to design this financial plan by providing for them a thing known as the micro finance. The volunteers under their efficient leader Mr. Joe Johnson have been rendering immense help to the less fortunate strata of the society with the intention of enhancing the status of the society as a whole.

The corporate world or any business that you have need a great deal of planning before taking any step, because one faulty step could result in the complete tumble down of the business flat on its face. It is not always possible for the poor people to gather a decent capital to start off their business, this is where the experts of the Mercy foundation step in and help them with the micro finance.

The small loans that these people receive from this non-profit organization help them come out of their poverty stricken puddle and emerge as successful entrepreneurs. This organization proves to be different from other charity organizations because they do not give the money to the destitute in the form of alms, only as much as they please. Instead they give the needy the amount of money they require to start their business in the form a small loan. This helps maintain the dignity of the person concerned making them more confident individuals.

There are some basic reasons why one should always plan their finances: to develop a practical framework for the running of the business, to achieve the intended goals as soon as possible (one of which is to repay the loans that are taken), to make sure that they can enjoy a sustained financial security, and also to be able to manage the unforeseen risks and setbacks.

In order to make people aware of the importance of financial planning there are financial planners who help you understand the need to plan your hard earned money. You need to have a clear picture of your income and your expenses in order to be able to strike a balance between the two. This is relevant both for your household as well as your business.

It is this that the experts at the Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation help you understand vividly. They promote the use of micro finances across the globe because they feel that this is the best way to alleviate the condition of the down trodden. They believe in giving people a hand up, instead of a hand out!