Financially Corrupt Governments

Corruption is a tricky subject and one that doesn’t just necessarily occur in developing countries. The world has been changing, and while some countries have made gains in anti-corruption efforts, there are still countries which are suffering from corruption in a bad way. Unfortunately, corruption is difficult to eradicate, so which are the countries that have financially corrupt governments?


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Nigeria is famous for its long struggle and history with corruption. It’s probably the most infamous country in the world for corruption, with Oprah Winfrey even declaring that all Nigerians were corrupt, but why has it become such a hotspot for corruption?
It’s probably not too great that corruption can be seen on Nigeria’s version of Dragons’ Den, as one entrepreneur pitched a business plan which would offer bribes to boost earnings – something the respective Dragons were not happy with. So with such integration into social life, corruption seems to be part of everyday living in Nigeria, but why?
Here are some bullet points to show some points about corruption in Nigeria:

• More than $400 billion stolen by Nigerian leaders from the treasury from 1960-1999

• 1981 rice shortage was blamed on corruption

• During the Shagari Administration, federal buildings set alight when investigators began searching for Nigerian finances in the buildings

• Corruption often blamed on colonialism during the country’s development

• Bribery is seen as a commonplace practice

South Africa

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On the Corruption Perception Index map of the world, South Africa is coloured red, which indicates a high perception of corruption. And while the map shows that there are countries which are perceived to be worse for corruption, South Africa’s sheer size means the corruption is far more damaging.

• Travelgate scandal found 40 members of South African parliament guilty of using parliamentary travel vouchers worth R18 million.

• Head Police Commisioner and ex-President of Interpol, Jackie Selebei, received bribes of at least R120,000 from crime boss, Glenn Agliotti

• Listed as 54th most corrupt country out of 178 countries in the world


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Rated as the most perceived corrupt country in the world by the Corruption Perception Index, Somalia has more to deal with other than its infamous pirates. Thankfully, in 2010, the government introduced a new reform which would force cabinet ministers to open up their transparency and displays their assests – in an attempt to reduce corruption within the country.

• Somalia does seem to be trying to change its ways with aforementioned reforms and changes in government

• It’s a long road to recovery and it’s unlikely corruption will ever be eradicated


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What do you get when you combine a government which is about as ‘for the people’ as Hitler was with one of the world’s largest oil reserves – corruption, that’s what. It’s been well documented in the news what Libya has been through in the last two years, but its corruption, during the now late Gaddafi’s reign, which seriously ruined the people’s chances of prosperity.

• During Gaddafi’s reign it’s clear he stole billions from the country’s treasury to fund his own extravagant lifestyle while the majority of Libyan people suffered in poverty.

• Gaddafi’s corrupt tenure was over when he was hunted down by the rebels and relieved of his position… and life.

There are many hundreds more of countries under financially corrupt governments, so let’s hope over the next few decades the corrupt governments can be toppled and more transparent regimes can come to the forefront.

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