Finding A Cure For Allergies

Whether or not there is a definitive cure for allergies is subjective. There are things that a person can do to better control allergy symptoms. Some of the changes required involve dietary restrictions and incorporating healing foods while eliminating those that increase allergy symptoms. Other changes could include making changes to the environment to control the number of allergens present.

Changes to the environment

Hardwood flooring installed in a home attracts fewer allergens than carpeting. Stuffed animals attract dust mites, and since they are rarely cleaned, the dust mite problem could quickly get out of control. Ideally, stuffed animals should be stored in plastic storage bins or containers. Regular vacuuming of the curtains and window treatments also helps control allergens. Plants stored inside the home should be potted using rocks at the top layer to prevent mold accumulation. Pets should be bathed regularly to eliminate pet dander, this is especially important during the summer months when pets shed the most. Dust-resistant bedding for pillow covers and sheets may actually repel dust.

Remedies and cures for allergies

An apple cider vinegar solution does a wonderful job of calming allergy symptoms. It can be mixed with water or added to your favorite drink and sipped throughout the day. If taken earlier on when symptoms start to manifest, the solution will begin calming symptoms within hours of being taken.
Modifying the diet also does wonders for people with food allergies. Some will find relief in experimenting with their diet to identify potential food allergies. People are often unaware of what foods trigger allergic responses. Wheat, eggs, dairy, seafood, chocolate and other foods may compromise the immune system.
Adding a multivitamin to the diet and adding certain supplements like vitamin C can improve the immune system’s functioning capabilities. The anti-inflammatory benefits to vitamin C make the body highly resistant to flare-ups. Multiple dosages per day can really make a difference in relieving allergy symptoms.
Raw honey may also improve symptoms. Because the bees produce it using pollen, the organic honey substance may treat and calm allergy symptoms when taken as a part of a daily regimen. By ingesting the small amounts of pollen present in each dosage of honey, the body becomes more immune to it.
An imbalance in the digestive system weakens the immune system. The body’s response to allergens is attributed often to the diet and the functioning of the digestive system. Taking a probiotic regularly restores balance to the system, which improves and repairs the body’s immune system.
While there are no official cures for allergies, a person has unlimited options available to them. Over-the-counter medications may provide temporary relief, however, dietary and environmental factors may play a larger role in naturally managing allergy symptoms.

Peter Wendt is an allergy sufferer in Austin, Texas who enjoys writing about his experiences. He visited an Austin allergies specialist at Austin Wellness Clinic this past year and has since received relief from his allergies.