Finding The Most Expensive South Beach Real Estate

Finding The Most Expensive South Beach Real Estate

People are motivated to move to Miami because of its stylish homes in the midst of sun and sand, pleasant beaches and beach fronts lined up with palm trees. Many find Miami Beach of particular interest due its diverse cultures and bright skies. One gets a large variety of options for Miami Beach real estate, especially the expensive ones. They varyfromlarge, luxury apartment to expansive mansions by the sea.

The present South Beach Real Estate comprises of impressive high rise condos, unlike the low rise old fashioned traditional properties. The prices of new properties start from $300,000 and go beyond five million dollars. You’ll generally find South Beach Real Estate properties of Miami in the profligate Art Deco District, encompassing sixteen city blocks where the most expensive real estate is found.

 Different kinds of real estate contained in this region are encircled by over 800 matchless buildings having distinctive styles and comprise of hotels along with apartment buildings. All this put together has motivated the resurgence of this region while adding to the lifestyle and color of this place. Socialites as well superstars are delighted by stylish night life plus numerous outdoor cafes in the Art Deco District. Singles as well families who like urban lifestyle love to go for long walks along local beaches  and visit the local clubs, stores and restaurants.

 On owning a piece of real estate on Miami Beach, you get some distinct advantages like beach fronts as wide as three hundred feet with palm trees spread over a length of nine miles with lots of places for swimming, skiing, sunbathing, parasailing and additional water sports. Whether you are a casual or fervent walker or jogger, you’ll be delighted to find boardwalk situated all along its northern part.

 Other than an amazing beachfront, various arts and entertainment societies of the city make it an attractive proposition to own real estate in Miami Beach. Cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs in this region are known the world over. For experiencing its culture and art, one can visit the Bass Museum of Art which displays wonderful pieces of art or the Miami Beach Garden Center and Conservatory that is full of striking flowers and plants.

The South Beach, popularly called just The Beach or SoBe, forms another well-admired part of Miami Beachthat contains high price real estate options. Certain specified areas of this beach are open to topless sunbathing. Miami Vice, a popular TV show further added to the popularity of this area. The Ocean Drive, now falling in the Art Deco District, got prominently featured in the movie Scarface and supplemented its swanky status.

Nowadays, numerous restaurants, nightclubs and sea-facing hotels on the South Beach part of Miami Beach make it a major point of entertainment. This part enjoys a wide popularity not just by Americans but by international tourists. It may come as a surprise to you to learn that followed by Spanish and English, German is the most frequently spoken language here. Though a public beach, it welcomes topless European sunbathers who visit it in hordes.  Another very distinctive and visually appealing feature of this beach is the charisma of numerous multicolored, exceptional lifeguard stands that the lifeguards of South Beach patronize to this day.