Finding The Perfect Property In Brittany

Brittany or Bretagne in France is one of the most popular regions in the country and people are always on the lookout for properties that have been put up for sale.  The housing market has been popular with tourists and ex-pats alike since the late eighties and has continued to thrive even in the current economic climate.

There are some really beautiful hotspots within the Brittany region, like St Malo, Monts d’Arree and Mont Saint Michel which is actually the second mist visited tourist spot in the whole of France.  Depending on the time of year you visit or are occupying your property in you don’t live there full time, there is always something to see and I would especially recommend visiting one of the over the top carnivals as the atmosphere is something else.

When initiating your hunt for your desired property in Brittany it is always recommend that you pay a visit to the local solicitors as they are always in-undated with properties that people who have inherited them are trying to off load.  These properties will inevitably end up being advertised in the local papers, but it’s always worth getting in first to ensure you are top of the list when these properties first become available.  If you have concerns that your understanding of the French language isn’t quite what it should be – well fear not – as you will soon learn that the majority of estate agents located in Brittany are actually fluent in English themselves.

There are various ways of finding estate agents within Brittany, some of these are obvious like trawling the local newspapers, visiting the area or alternatively just Google the words Breton Immobilier for estate agent.  Once you have found the estate agent(s) you wish to use it is also worth noting that they will normally attend the viewing with you but at the same time you will find that their rates are considerably higher compared to those in the UK.

A big difference when comparing the purchasing process compared to that of the UK is that once you have found a property you are really interested in you will need to sign an initial sales agreement which basically means you will have to follow up with the purchase of the property barring any hidden/ unknown problems.  This is completely unlike the UK in which you can pull out of a purchase at an any time and leave the other party involved out of pocket. has many proerty for sale in and around Brittany. Please visit us for more information.