Finding The Perfect Wedding Location

Your wedding location will set the scene for the rest of your big day, so be sure to find somewhere that is perfect for you. Finding the best wedding location can often be a difficult and time consuming process, but don’t lose hope just yet. Following these basic guidelines will help you to consider all your options and assist you in finding the perfect location for your wedding day.

While there is a great deal to consider and it’s easy to get carried away, plan ahead with a detailed checklist to ensure you’re getting everything you need from your wedding venue. If you have decided to celebrate your ceremony and reception in different locations, you should apply your newly found knowledge to both of these venues. For a stress-free wedding, check out these helpful hints for planning the perfect day.

Find your Style

When choosing your wedding location, keep in mind that you are searching for something that compliments your chosen style or theme. If you’ve chosen to have a relaxed and beach style wedding, for instance, consider locations with a water view or something right on the sand. If you’re planning on creating a vintage style, however, you should look for buildings with historical architecture and classical tones.

Consider the Seasons

You should always consider the seasons when deciding on a location for your wedding. The differences in weather conditions and temperatures, between winter and summer, can greatly affect the comfort of you and your guests on the day. If you’re planning a picturesque winter wedding, opt for a reception venue that’s indoors or research outdoor heaters, particularly if your wedding is after dusk. Summer weddings are beautiful, but the bridal party and guests are sure to feel the heat, so make sure your location has a natural breeze or an air-conditioning system.

Stick to your Budget

All brides will tell you that before you plan your wedding, you should devise a detailed budget – and stick to it! While it may seem easy enough to stretch the budget a little bit here and there, your costs will add up quickly and you’ll spend the day focusing on money, rather than the one you love. When deciding upon your location, always consider the price and ensure that it is within your financial means.

Accessibility & Guests

The number of guests attending your wedding will greatly affect the choice of your location. Certain reception venues are designed specifically for intimate weddings, whilst others have been purposely made for large events. Create an approximate guest list, before you begin looking, to make sure that your chosen location is large enough to cater for all of your guests.
When choosing your wedding location, always remember to be prepared and ask as many questions as you like. Have a checklist of the things that you need and want for your special day, so you’re not disappointed by an inadequate venue. Once you’ve found your perfect venue, you’ll be able to start having some real fun, organising the caterers, entertainment and finer details of the day.
Justine is a Wedding Planner from Melbourne, Australia. She caters to weddings on all budgets and can plan every detail from your wedding venue down to your bridal shoes. For bridal shoes online Australia has a number of great stores to choose from, including Shoes With Style.