Finding the Simple Caribbean Experience in Bequia

Somewhere far from those heavily commercialized beaches, tourists areas and all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, there are “secret” areas that are well worth the visit and they allow us to experience a simpler version of Caribbean. Whether we want to swim, sail or fly, it is possible for us to meet the real face of the Caribbean. Travellers shouldn’t go to places where people have lost their traditional soul. Bequia is one of the places in the Caribbean that’s less affected by modern lives. It has a year-round tropical climate, but it is preferable to go there during the drier months. July is usually the wettest month in Caribbean, so we should go there between January and May. It should be noted that hurricanes could occasionally arrive between September and November. Although Bequia is a relatively remote island, it can be reached by sea or air. It has a small airport, JF Mitchell Airport and usually reachable via Barbados. For sea route, Bequia can be accessed through the Admiralty Bay. Ferries run for six times each day, so there are plenty of chances to reach the island. Travellers with bigger budget could reach Bequia using rented private yacht.

Bequia is only about seven square miles and it is a relatively small island. With only a leisurely stroll, we can reach many places in once day. However, there are taxis and dollar buses to help us to reach places more easily and faster. Taxis can usually be found at the Almond Tree in Port Elizabeth. Fares are usually negotiable. Due to its small area, Baquia isn’t really a place that’s full of attraction, but it is attractive for a laidback local tempo. In fact, when someone asks what will we do today, the simple and easy answer would be just “nothing!”. In fact, many travellers find the busy “doing nothing” is the best form of relaxation. There are places where we can do nothing such as beaches. Bequia is known for its mountainous terrain with a few secluded harbours that have long stretches of wonderful sands. These beaches are public and we should be able to see a handful of people. Princess Margaret Beach is the closest to Port Elizabeth and it’s lined with attractive shady palms. We could see moored bobbing yachts and wonderful turquoise surface of the Admiralty Bay. If we stay in Port Elizabeth, the beach is reachable by foot.

Lower Bay Beach is also located near Princess Margaret and it is known for great, white sand beach. It is wonderful for swimming and snorkelling. There are octopuses, sea turtles and rocky tips abound. Cafes in this beach are popular for beachside BBQ, beers and sandwiches. Friendship Bay Beach is best accessible with taxi and it faces eastward to the Atlantic. Oldhegg Turtle Sanctionary is a place where we can get a real perspective of the whole island. It offers a panoramic view of the Admiralty Bay.