Fire Alarm! 5 Celebrities That Could Have Used A Fire Safe

The way we treat celebrities these days, it’s no wonder many of them think they have immunity – from standing in checkout lines to obeying the law. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with real-world issues and potential accidents like house fires.

These celebrities learned the hard way just how necessary and valuable a fire safe can be.
Richard Branson
Richard Branson defines the term “mogul” for a lot of people – he’s not only a mogul of the Virgin empire, but he’s currently working on launching private operations into space. That doesn’t mean someone of Branson’s magnitude is immune from the dangers of fires, as lightning struck his Caribbean home (not-so-fun fact: Oscar winner Kate Winslet was also in the home when the lightning struck. According to Branson, she helped save Branson’s mother). The lightning started a fire, causing a lot of damage to the home and ultimately destroying thousands of photographs as well as a number of private notebooks.

Lisa Vanderpump
Admittedly, Vanderpump is somewhat of a quasi-celebrity – having starred in the reality show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” And even though fire struck her home, she wasn’t in it – because she had recently sold it. Still, the close call – which required some 200 firefighters to put out the blaze – was likely a wake-up call for Vanderpump, who might want to make the investment of a fire safe the next time she wants to protect her valuables. I wonder if she’s got a fire safe in her house now?

Jack Nicholson
No, not even the iconic Jack Nicholson is exempt from the risk and danger of house fires. The “Chinatown” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” star saw one of his homes – one that he had owned since the 1970s – go up in flames. The fire was so bad that 85 firefighters had to respond to it, with two of the firemen actually getting injured. Jack Nicholson already owns plenty, of course, but considering that this particular home was one that he had owned for some 40 years, it’s easy to imagine that some significant sentimental value were damaged. Items that are irreplaceable.

Trace Adkins
It’s never easy to lose anything of value due to a house fire, but sometimes celebrities lose entire homes. That was the case for Trace Adkins’ Tennessee home which went up in flames in 2011. Luckily, Adkins’ family, who were living there at the time, were not injured in the house fire. Unfortunately the house itself didn’t make it out so well. However, Adkins responded calmly telling the world he was blessed to escape the fire with his family safe. And to boot, this country-music singer had a summer home to move to temporarily. He counted himself an immensely blessed man.

Kirk Norcross
This British star – known for his work in “The Only Way is Essex” – had to be rescued from a fire that started at his father’s home. It only goes to show that not only are fires potentially dangerous to celebrity valuables, but they often pose a danger to celebrities themselves.
House fires can be started easily, even at celebrity’s home’s. Safeguarding your home with fire alarms, your valuables with fire safes and setting up fire drill routines for family members to escape are  necessary steps everyone should implement.

Meg Jones writes for Liberty Safe company.  When you need a fire safe to protect your valuables, this is the place to go.