Five Budget Friendly Holiday Ideas – Have A Great Time And Save Money

Everyone needs to get away from it all sometimes.  But people don’t always have the budget to go someplace exotic or stay at the fanciest resorts.  If you find that you cannot go on holiday this year because your financial situation will not allow it, fear not, there are still options for you to get away and enjoy yourself.  Many times, people do not realise the abundant opportunities to experience new sights and places on a budget.  Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available to you.

Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort
Though you may think that all-inclusive resorts are expensive, there are definitely budget-friendly options out there.  For example, many, like the Krystal Cancun in Mexico or the Jolly Beach Resort and Spa in Antigua, offer everything from three meals a day, to drinks including alcoholic beverages, activities for the whole family, and, of course, accommodations, all starting at £100 per person.  Just remember to factor in the cost of transportation to and from your destination.

Whether your family includes members who are experienced campers or if none of you have ever done it before, it is a great holiday idea that is budget-friendly at the same time.  Campsites include national parks and beaches, and you can enjoy hikes along nature trails, swimming, and cooking and chatting fireside.  Relax and bond with your family and maybe some friends and play games to pass the time.  And if you do not feel comfortable with sleeping in a tent outdoors, you can always rent a cabin at an economical rate and get the comforts and feeling of safety of your own little home in the woods.

Take a Road Trip
These days, driving can be more economical than flying, thanks to high airfare rates and extra fees.  Consider taking a road trip with your family in order to save money while venturing someplace new.  Whether you use your car to get you to your holiday destination before checking into your hotel or you just take a day trip to a beach or mountain reserve, you can save money just by driving.

Amusement Parks
Many amusement parks, such as Disney, offer specials throughout the year that can save you a lot of money.  Be flexible and plan trips to these parks on dates that offer discounts.  You can reap all the benefits of fun the parks have to offer but at a much more economical rate.

Enjoy Off-Season Perks
Set your holiday dates around the off-season of your preferred destination to save money.  For example, stay at a business hotel in a big city during the weekend when there is more availability and discounts may be offered, or visit tropical areas in their low season, when hotel rates are lower because there are fewer tourists who want to escape the winter cold.  It will all depend upon your destination, but if you are flexible, you may not have to sacrifice your ideal holiday because it is too costly.

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