Sri Lanka is one of the most interesting and mind blowing destination in the world. Travellers who have visited Sri Lanka have referred to it as an intoxicating exotic experience that will remain your favourite destination for many years to come. Some of the places to visit while in Sri Lanka includes the following:

1. The Yala National Park.
The Yala national park is home to many wild animals and a variety of birds’ species. Travellers who love safaris will find this to be a perfect destination. Tourists are treated to an exciting experience filled with the view of leopards, elephants, deers and many birds. To add on this the tour guides are very friendly and they give tourists the best services. The roads in the park are well maintained making the traveling easy and comfortable. Before one starts the safari, one can make a stopover at the museum at the gate and get an idea of what to expect while in the park.

2. Kandy
Tourists who love to add a cultural experience to their vacation should consider visiting Kandy. This is a place full of cultural history. Tourists get to see a wide range of cultural art and gem stones. The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is also found in this area. Travellers get to learn more about the Buddhist culture which has been known to have a lot of influence on the Sri Lankan people especially because of its religious aspect.

3. Dambulla cave Temple.
There are five caves housing the Buddhist Temple and the first was built about 2000 years age giving it and exotic characteristic. To add on this the caves have statues curved into the surrounding rocks. The complex being a functioning temple will give travellers an opportunity to experience Buddhist culture as one will be required to remove their shoes and cover their knees and shoulders to show respect. The most fascinating thing is that while the outside is hectic and scotching the inside is cool and serene.

4. Bentota Turtle Sanctuary.
Because of the 2004 Tsunami, the numbers of turtles have been greatly affected and many sanctuaries have sprung up to conserve and protect them. Many of these sanctuaries are concentrated around Bentota and most of them are makeshift pools. It is important to note that these Sanctuaries depend on funding from tourists and well-wishers. When one visits this place and sees how dedicated and passionate the workers are one will never mind leaving something behind to support this great move by the locals and volunteers towards the conservation of these species.

5. Ancient City of Polonnaruwa.
Polonnaruwa played as a capital city of Sri Lanka once in history and it was actually around 1070 AD. This place is so fascinating that it is one of UNESCO fully pledged world heritage site. Tourists enjoy exploring around the scattered Temples,statues and buildings. This town was a capital city for only a few hundred years but what was left behind is truly unique and worth experiencing.

These are some of the best places to visit while in Sri Lanka and the next time you are planning on a vacation consider the Sri Lanka Visa for the best ever exotic vacation.