Five Ideas For The Perfect Theme Party

Whether you’re planning a birthday, anniversary or graduation party, a theme can help guide your party and shape everything from food and drink to style, vibe and fanfare. And really, why should kids have all the fun? Now you too can get involved and dance like nobody’s watching, even if they are. 

Here are five classic theme parties for adults, cause you know who doesn’t get to drink that martini and dance the cha-cha? Kids. So have fun, throw one back and get ready to party!

  1. Mad Men – Sure, it’s been done and it will be done again. But, with the re-emergence of arguably one of television’s greatest shows comes back the longing for pencil skirts and suit jackets. Everyone just looks sexy in the ‘60s, we want to be them. From classic cocktails, to fancy hair-dos, Mad Men provides a perfect theme for a birthday, wedding, bachelor party, anniversary or just celebration. You don’t need a reason, you know you want to! And you won’t be able to pass that jello salad up, it’s better than it looks.
  2. A Casino Theme is a classic guys night party. Whether it’s for a bachelor party, birthday or just for fun everyone has a role. Whether they’re playing or watching. What’s even more fun is picking a casino theme in a specific era. Of course going to a Casino in the ‘50s would be exciting. Can you imagine running into Frank Sinatra? Great food, good music and games, who could ask for anything more?
  3. The Roaring ‘20s provide the perfect decadence of a lost generation. Headdresses, flappers, beads, silent movies, glamour– and of course the dancing. You don’t have to know how to dance to follow along with some of the classic jungle-inspired dance numbers rampant in the 1920s. Just kick your legs and arms sky high and don’t stop smiling. Manhattan’s are sure to make everyone an unabashed enthusiasts and live music will set the tone. Don’t let the entertainment stop for even a moment. 
  4. Bollywood theme’s have become popular in the last 10-years. Perhaps because of the bright colors, delicious Indian food or the hilarious dance numbers. Regardless, if you love Bollywood films, this is your chance to get your friends to show some skin. Project some of your favorites on the wall while guests mingle. Belly dancers are an added plus.
  5. Earth day has actually become a popular night for festivities in recent years. It’s a moment where friends can get together and donate money towards causes they believe in. Get together, eat sustainable, local foods from nearby farms, enjoy locally sourced wines or liquors and then sign up to volunteer at local non-profits or environmental agencies. It’s a great way to bring awareness while having a good time.  

Avery Lane is a freelance writer based out of Portland, Oregon who writes about a wide variety of topics, such as central air conditioner prices.