Five Interesting Facts About Prescription Drug Discounts

If surviving through a shaky economic time period has taught us anything, it is that we should be more mindful of where our money goes and save as much as we can. One area of most peoples’ budget that can cause issues is that of healthcare. When you have drugs that you must take day after day, the cost can start to add up before long. However, there are programs that you can join that offer cards for less expensive pharmaceuticals.

Are you interested in learning more? Here are five facts about discount drug programs.


1. You can get involved no matter who you are or what your circumstances are.

One really neat thing is that just about everyone is eligible for it. Whether you make $100,000 per year or just $10,000, you can still get prescription drugs for less if you send away for a card. Best of all, if multiple people in your household need medicine, you can use one card for your entire family.


2. Insurance can get in the way, through.

However, if you have an insurance plan that covers (completely or partially) your doctor-ordered medications, you probably won’t be able to receive additional savings. Go over your plan beforehand to see what is included.


3. Discounts range from about 15-53 percent.

Although the exact amount that you can receive off your pharmaceutical purchase varies from store to store, you can almost always get deep savings when compared with the typical retail price. Generic medications can be up to 53 percent less, while you might save about 15 percent on brand names.


4. A number of pharmacies accept these cards.

Nationwide, approximately 58,000 different stores will give you a deal on your drugs when you present your membership identification. In New York City alone, there are dozens of different spots that participate.


5. Over-the-counter medication is not typically included.

Although you can get a big reduction on just about all of the things that your doctor prescribes, over-the-counter products aren’t in the same boat, usually. While diabetic supplies and some aids used for smoking cessation may be included, cold medicines, pain relievers and other things that you can pick up without a doctor’s order aren’t part of the bargain, for the most part.


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