Five Must Have Apps For Luxury Televisions

One of the best features of luxury TVs is the ability to download apps. Now while certain apps are best suited for your Smartphone or tablet, there are others that are the perfect fit for your TV. Whether you enjoy watching movies or want to keep in touch with your family, your TV can be turned into an entertainment powerhouse with the addition of apps. The following are just five must-have apps for luxury TVs.


Any luxury TV that has the ability to download apps needs Netflix. Netflix allows users to instantly stream videos for only $8 per month. This is a huge savings off what you would pay at a local movie rental store. While these aren’t the latest and greatest movies, Netflix does carry a number of movies that were released within the past year. If anything, this is a great way to keep kids entertained with their favorite TV shows.

Hulu Plus

Speaking of TV shows, Hulu Plus has become a popular option in households. Some households have even opted to ditch their cable or satellite company in favor of Hulu Plus. With the ability to instantly stream many of your favorite TV shows for around $8 per month, this is another app you can’t live without. While you may not be able to cancel your television service, or even want to, this is still a great way to catch up on today’s hottest shows.


Love music, then why not enjoy the impressive sound quality your luxury TV has to offer by listening to your favorite music. Pandora is free to download and use. There are commercials that pop up occasionally, but it’s worth it being able to listen to some of today’s hottest music for free. You can create your own playlists or listen to those created by others. There are even playlists devoted to genres and time periods.


Who doesn’t love YouTube? With the ability to watch your favorite music videos, watch clips from TV shows, or even learn something new, YouTube is one of the most popular apps to download on luxury TVs. Best of all, this is free entertainment.


Last, but not least, Skype has become a hugely popular app for luxury TVs. With the ability to hook a camera to your TV, the kids can speak to grandma on the big screen. This is a great way for families to keep in touch and proves that TVs allow families to do much more than simply watch TV and movies. Skype is free to download and use when calling users that also use Skype. You will have to pay when making regular phone calls to non-Skype users.

Luxury TVs allow us to be entertained in new and fascinating ways. Whether you want to access your favorite app or watch some of your favorite movies, there are apps that will greatly enhance your TV. Best of all, many of these apps are free to download and use or very affordable. What are you waiting for? Download a few apps and get the most out of your luxury TV.

About the author:
Tim Johnson is head buyer for an electronics retail chain in Brisbane. He spends most of his hours testing new gadgets and home equipment before deciding which ones to carry in the stores. He is currently on the lookout for the best ultra hd tv.