Five Must-Sees In The Heart Of London

Many of the world’s great cities welcome vast numbers of tourists on an annual basis, including Paris, New York and Rome. One of the most popular of them all is London, the historic and iconic capital of the United Kingdom. Throughout the city, there are hundreds of landmarks, buildings, attractions and features that are crying out to be discovered, and for some visitors it can be difficult to see as many of them as they’d like. For those who have limited time, here are five of the must-sees.

The London Eye
Although the UK capital is perhaps best known for its historic landmarks, there is plenty of modernity to marvel at. The London Eye is located on the bank of the River Thames, just across from the Houses of Parliament. A ride on the wheel gives passengers a truly spectacular view of one of the world’s most beautiful cities, so be sure to include it in your itinerary.
Buckingham Palace
Of all the famous historical buildings in London, Buckingham Palace is undoubtedly the most celebrated. The home of the Queen is open to the public at certain times of the year, and although you won’t see her during the tour, it’s still a fascinating place to see. The current building dates back to 1705, and it has been the principal home of the British monarch since 1837. The palace is located in the City of Westminster, just a short walk from Victoria Station.
Globe Theatre
The UK in general and London in particular have always enjoyed a healthy reputation as centres for cultural innovation, and the recreation of the Globe Theatre provides an iconic reminder of just how important the city has been. In Shakespeare’s time, the theatre hosted many of his greatest works, and these days audience members can see some of them in the way it was first supposed to be. The venue is to be found on the South Bank of the Thames, close to the Millennium Bridge.
Tower of London
One of the oldest buildings in the whole city, the Tower of London should be on every schedule. Guided tours of this hugely impressive landmark are available throughout the year, and are well worth the time, effort and money. Parts of the tower were built by William the Conqueror more than 900 years ago, and these days it’s famously known for being the home of the Crown Jewels.
Oxford Street
There are many parts of London which are popular with shoppers, but Oxford Street is perhaps the most famous of them all. This wonderful thoroughfare is home to a huge number of stores, many of which offer some stunning bargains. Although there is plenty of diversity on Oxford Street, it’s probably most synonymous with electronic goods. So if you’re looking for a new camera or perhaps a mobile phone, this is the place for you.
David Showell lives in southern England and is a regular visitor to London. He works for