Five Super Ways Of Working Out How Many Tiles You Need

Determining how many tiles one will need in a total project format is sometimes tricky to calculate. Here are some basic things one can do to find what is needed. Remember, as in any project, one should add at least 10% for additional tiles. This ten percent calculation is due in part for breakage, miss-cutting or getting caught short at the end of a project. Many times it is also wise to buy extra tile if it happens to be a designer or trendy tile due in part that the tile may be discontinued by the manufacture.

The first part of most projects in determining how many tiles will be needed is by measuring the walls, floors, counter tops are outdoor area of all your projects.  Each area of course will depend on the tiles being used should they be in a different color, different pattern or different style.  Even by adding all this area together at first, this in fact, will give you an estimate of how many tiles you will be using if they are of the same size. When determining the correct amount of tiles, whether it be looking in for a San Diego Tile outlet or any other national chain outlet for help in this important process.

When using different size tiles in any project this too can be fairly easy to determine how many you will need. Adding up only the area in which this particular size tile will be set to will again be determined by taking the size of the tile and putting it into the total area of the project being used. The whole process is a fairly simple addition, like knowing your wall space is 10′ by 10′ you have a 100 square foot wall. If using a 12” by 12” inch square tile it would be easy to figure out that you will need 100 tiles to fill the area without spacers or grout added in. You can use the basis of adding in for the grout and spacer by adding a simplistic use of 1% to 2%, in this case 2 to 4 tiles. When using the same space with a 4” by 4” inch tile you will get the equation of 918 tiles for a 10′ by 10′ wall size area.

For the Do-It-Yourself project tilers one can also get a few good online calculators for determining how many tiles you will need. Using these calculators one will need to know the tile sizes being used, the measured wall space and also if the tiles being used will be custom or out of size tiles. Determining out of size tiles such as a 12” by 8” inch tile can be tricky but with these calculators is can be simplistic in so many ways. If one wants a professional to calculate, be it looking in for a San Diego Tile outlet or any other national chain outlet in your area, one can be sure they will receive a calculated reply that will be precise.

Once you know your measured wall area by length and width there is one simplistic way to determine an area that a box of tiles covers. This information is normally printed on almost all boxes or containers of the tiles. If buying tiles in bulk or at a big discount store, many times these tiles are either loose or repacked and do not contain such information. Also be careful of tiles imported from another country as these will have metric measurements instead of American measurements. With the metric measurement it is not impossible to convert to our standards it’s just another step in the process here that will have to be taken to achieve the desired amount.

In basic submission, there is a 5 step program to determining how many tiles you need for a project. First, measure the size of the wall, floor or patio space. Two, know the size of the tiles you intend to use. Three, deduct in your measurement for items like windows, doors, mounted cabinet and fixtures. Four, this step is knowing how many different size tiles you will be using and putting them into your measuring factors. Last but not least, Five, this is where you simply do the right thing and add that 10% over amount when purchasing the tiles. This last step will be very important as once again this can save a lot of issues and time.

Simon Flood has saved himself a fortune by corecctly calculating the tiles required.