Five Things To Do While Your Flight’s Delayed

Many people have dealt with the agony of rushing through large crowds while they are at the airport. You make sure to be there early and try not to let your anxiety rise too quickly. There are always things that go wrong, like the moment when you realize that you have forgotten something at home and there is absolutely no way that you can retrieve it in time. Then, you come to find out that there really was time to go back.
It is stressful enough just getting ready to go on an airplane, but when your flight is delayed it just adds to the anxiety of the situation. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind if your flight is ever delayed and you find yourself with some extra time to kill at the airport.

#1 Exercise
The best way to keep yourself anxiety free while you wait for your plane is to keep moving. Sure, you may not want to work up a huge sweat if you are on your way to a business meeting or a wedding, but you can easily take advantage of some of the great aspects that the airport has to offer. Try walking and stretching as you explore the area around where you are waiting, do squats and lunges. Some airports are even equipped with gyms.
#2 Read
This is a great way to keep your mind off the fact that you are, at the moment, stuck. If you did not bring a book or magazine with you there just might be a newspaper or magazine that has been left by someone who had been previously waiting.
#3 Write
Perhaps you have been so busy that you never have the time to just sit down and gather your thoughts by putting them onto paper. Take this time to write down the idea that has been brewing up inside your head for the past few months, or years. Embrace this time to be creative and the time will go by quickly.
#4 People Watch
This is an interesting past-time that will never grow old. In our hectic lives it is rare that we have time to sit still and watch everyone else run around and live their lives.
#5 Make a New Friend
Strike up a conversation with the person sitting near you. It might lead to a fascinating friendship or an amazing coincidence. Think about the situations that happen in movies. The woman sitting across from you might possibly be your future wife, or the best friend you could ever ask for. Seriously, think about it.
No matter what you choose to do with your time, make it count. Do not let yourself sit and worry about something that you can’t change. Make this time work for you in a positive way, rather than letting a situation that could have been highly negative just happen make it work for you. This could end up being one of the most inspiring times in your life. So don’t waste it!
Kyle is a writer for the holiday site where you can get some useful holiday deals.