Five Things To Try On Your Next Day Off

It’s easy to fall into the same old routine on your weekends, doing the housework, sorting out the shopping, visiting the same old local pub. Whatever you end up doing with your spare time, it is highly likely that you always feel like you could be doing more. It is easy to blame the weather in the UK for a lack of adventurous spirit, but there is plenty of entertainment to be enjoyed without having to leave home soil. So next time you’re planning your weekend or hoping to make the most of time off, don’t just settle for the same old, same old, pledge to try something new. Here are five ways to liven up your next day off:

Canadian canoeing
Taking to the water is a wonderfully relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of the British countryside and making yourself paddle adds an extra element of adventure. Don’t worry about the wind and rain, just ensure you are properly suited up and you’ll soon forget about the cold. You don’t need blazing sunshine, just a spirit of adventure and a will to explore and two of you will soon be enjoying the great outdoors in rugged style on a Canadian canoeing trip into the wilderness.

Follow in the footsteps of the Olympians
Millions of us were glued to our television sets during London 2012, hailing the spirit and resolve of the brave Olympic athletes who wowed us all with their sporting prowess. But you can get a taste of the action by trying your hand at a new sport, inspired by the Games. Loved the excitement in the velodrome? Well you can take on the steep track yourself with a taster session at Manchester’s Commonwealth Games velodrome. Gripped by the fencing? Well, check out your local leisure centre and you may be surprised to learn you can give it a go there with some expert tuition.

Take to the slopes
The expense and arduous travel often puts people off from trying skiing or snowboarding, with Europe’s best resorts costing a pretty penny to visit. But real snow slopes have improved beyond recognition in the UK in recent years meaning you can sample the addictive nature of snowsports for a fraction of the cost of flying abroad.

Go back to school
There’s nothing like learning a new skill to make you feel alive. We’re not suggesting wasting your day off with double maths but there are plenty of adult classes, workshops and one-off courses which can arm you with new talents from baking cupcakes to cooking gourmet feasts, taking the perfect photo to learning to tear up the dancefloor. You’ll soon be wowing your friends with your newly-acquired skills too.

Dine out al fresco
Us Brits have often talked enviously of the ‘continental cafe culture’ which Europeans in warmer climes enjoy, but braving the chilly weather and dining outside can still be a wonderfully relaxing and romantic way to eat. Enjoying a BBQ or picnic outdoors is the perfect way to get friends together for a bank holiday and if you pick the right location and dress for the occasion then you don’t have to rely on the sun making an appearance. Go on, ignore the weather, have a meal outside and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll feel like you’re in holiday mode.

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