Five Things Your Kids Can Make With Recycled Tires


Old worn out tires are one of the biggest concerns of the environmentalists. In US alone about 300 million tires are disposed of every year in the landfill or burnt which pollute the natural environment around us by releasing toxic substances or forming the ideal breeding place for harmful insects. To stop rubber tires from being a threat to the environment, strict laws have been imposed and many tire recycling plants have also come up, where rubber machines are used for processing the used tires and making it useful for different purposes.

Apart from recycling it, the tires can also be used creatively for making different unique things. As summer break is approaching, you can engage your child for doing something unique with recycled tires. Here are five simple yet creative ideas for involving your child create something exclusive with recycled tires.

Planting Pots

Rubber tires make great planting pots. Cover one side of the tire with a sheet of plastic or .Wooden plank and then fill up the gap with soil. Your innovative and cheap planting pot is ready for enhancing the beauty of the garden. Rubber tires are also used for making great hanging flower beds. Fill up one side of the hollow portion of the tire with soil and keeping the soiled part downward, hang the tires on the wall. These are some of the creative ways of using old tires creatively.


You can also make beautiful wallets with recycled tires. Such wallets last for a long time and look like leather goods. First, ask your kids to draw a design of the wallet and thereafter cut the rubber off the old tire in that shape. Thereafter, they can stitch together different parts of leather pieces and decorate it with colorful accessories to make a beautiful purse or wallet.


Old tires can be easily transformed into swings by hanging it from the tree branches with the help of strong rope tied around it. However, make sure your child chooses a strong branch for hanging the tire and knots are tied tightly along the sides of the tire. Once your kids have erected the tire swing, you should check its balance to avoid trouble.

Tables and Chairs

Cute little chairs and tables can also be made from tires by simply stacking them together and pasting them with an adhesive. Provide them some pieces of wood or plastic sheets so that they can place it on top of the stack of tires to make a comfortable chair seat and table top. This a weather proof chair and table set is ready for your garden.

Fling Game

Tires are also ideal for making fling games in your garden. You can simply hang them on the branch of a tree and encourage your child to aim at it from a distance. You can make the whole exercise a lot more entertaining by providing them with some bright colors and asking them to paint the tire to make the target more visible. This will improve your child’s aim in the most cost effective way.

These are the five most creative and easy ways for making the best use of old tires. Sending them to the recycling firms where these are being processed in huge rubber machines is the easiest option available to you. So make some effort to creatively use them for building innovative daily use articles.