Five Time-Saving Ways To Be Active On Facebook

Five Time-Saving Ways to Be Active on Facebook
Running a business takes a lot of time, to put it mildly. Adding a Facebook page to your list of things to manage can seem overwhelming, and you may find it difficult to keep up. Here are five ways you can save time on Facebook while being active on it at the same time.

Update with a Photo
When you write out a status update, you need to think of the perfect thing to say, and then you’ll probably edit it a few times before you’re happy with it. The quickest way to update your status on Facebook is to simply post a photograph. Add a simple comment or question like, “What do you think?” and you’re done. This takes only a few seconds. If you really want to be quick, spend some time (when you have some) building a folder full of photos for these quick-draw updates so you don’t need to find one spur-of-the-moment.
Focus on Your Timeline Comments
Even if you want to respond to every comment you get on Facebook, there often isn’t time to keep up. You don’t want to make your fans think you’re ignoring them, but you really can’t answer everyone. In order to get the most bang for your buck, focus on responding to comments that are most prominently visible on your Timeline. This way you won’t just please the commenter; anyone else who looks at your wall will see that you’re actively responding (even if it’s selectively).
Focus on Your Timeline
The reason Timeline comments are usually most important is because that’s usually where most people look when they come to your company’s Facebook page. You might have a bunch of different tabs for people to visit, but most people won’t visit them anyway (unless there’s a coupon; more on that next). Just focus on updating your Timeline with general status updates and posts. Save time by updating your tabs less frequently; your fans won’t mind.
Post a Coupon
All the activity you do on Facebook is meant to cultivate more activity from your fans, which should ultimately lead to more business. You can still get those same results without spending a lot of time by doing one simple thing: post a coupon. If you post a coupon on your page, your fans will instantly flock to it so they can get the discount or offer. If it’s a really good coupon, word will spread, and you’ll get many new fans because of it. A coupon can really get you a lot of exposure, activity, and business with relatively little effort on your part.
Use Automation
There are third-party applications that can help you be active on Facebook without requiring your constant time or attention. Services like Hoot Suite and Tweet Beep allow you to automate updates. You can write your updates ahead of time all at once, and schedule them to post automatically whenever you specify. While you shouldn’t use automation for all (or even most) of your Facebook activity, it is extremely helpful when you’re in a pinch.
This article outlining ways to save time on Facebook for your company was prepared by Travis Lee in tandem with SEOMap – the keyword strategy experts.