Five Tips For Summer 2012

Summer is here and since you’re out of the house often, you have to look your best! The ultimate rule when putting on make-up for summer is “less is more”. But you ought to have those staple make-ups in your summer bag. Check if you have a powder bronzer, highlighting cream for your cheekbones, tinted moisturizer, sheer concealer, mascara, bright lipsticks, and a nude lip gloss. Remember, you have to look your best so make-up is there to enhance your natural beauty. You don’t need to put on heaps of it. Just a dab here and there will do the job. It’s summer time and you have to look as vibrant as possible. These tips will definitely make your summer beautiful!

1. Let the weather guide your look.

Since it is summer, you can tone down a bit on your make-up. The heat will just make your face look cakey. Don’t put on too much foundation or heavy powder. Use light and bright colors for this season. Lighten the colors but use products that will stay on your face for a long time. Don Orange, tangerine, or coral lips and pair it with metallic eye shadows such as gold, bronze, or silver and complete the look with a bronzer.

2.  Cherish the glow that comes with summer.

Actually, you can use your winter make-up for summer but you just need to slim it out. Use a luminous moisturizer with your usual foundation. Make your lash line look lusher by smudging your eyeliner. If you’re used to dark lipstick, you can use it for this season only that you have to add some lip balm.

3.  Dare to put on bold colors.

If you’d rather wear bold make-up, it’s actually alright. There are no rules or laws about make-up that we should follow, anyway. Just remember to balance your make-up with the boldness of your face. You can flaunt a bold eye liner or lips provided that the rest of your make-up is simple and sheer. You can even use some neon lip color if you want to go out at night. There are no regulations to follow so you better dare to be different. Be liberated just as long as you’re comfortable with it.

4.  Don’t put on too much make-up.

The line “less is more” makes so much sense especially when you’re talking about make-up and summer. Toning down a bit on make-up makes you look more classy and elegant. Make-up is used to enhance your beauty and emphasize your assets and not mask them. Lessen on the foundation and give your skin a breather. You don’t need to contour your nose during summer. If you’re going out at day time, just get hold of a simple bronzer, a dab of blush, and mascara. When you’re going out at night, you can put more make-up on the eyes but make everything else light and sheer. Remember to pull off a simple yet striking look every time.

5.   Keep everything simple.

This is such a cliché. Look as natural as possible. For summer, you can simply don slightly flushed cheeks, light eye shadows, and stained lips. Add more definition to your eyes to make it lusher. Just try to conceal the fine lines and wrinkles and other imperfections but make sure you also use the right kind of concealer that’s perfect for the summer.

Look beautiful all time season. Click on beauty tips to discover more ideas on how to maintain a healthy beautiful look.