Five Tips For surviving A Student Flat Shar

Moving away from the comforts of a family home into a student flatshare can be daunting for undergraduates. Without parents on hand to co-ordinate cleaning schedules, prepare a tasty evening meal and take control of household finances, student flatshares can soon fall into disarray. To avoid the mounting dishes, as well as bills, follow these handy tips to create order in your student flatshare.

1. Don’t expect everything to be perfect

For most 18-year-olds, university will mark the first time they have flown the nest and this may lead to a certain degree of cluelessness when it comes to taking on household duties. Try to maintain your calm when sharing your space with fellow students to avoid arguments erupting over whose turn it is to buy kitchen roll or who dipped into the last reserves of pasta. Cleanliness may also dip in student  houseshares, so putting all thoughts of show-home standards on the backburner for the first year at least, will stop any unnecessary tension mounting.

2. Set some ground rules

Although moving into a student flatshare seems like the perfect opportunity to dust off the shackles of rules and regulations, having some guidelines in place will help to create solid boundaries in your flatshare. A communal kitty for household items and a cleaning rota can also help to maintain order.

3. Use your space wisely

Living in a student flatshare may mean that you only have access to the storage space that it is actually in your room. Make the most of the spaces under your bed and above wardrobes and use clever shelving to ensure that all your wares are close to hand. Use student self-storage to store your large and expensive items that you don’t use on a daily basis such as speakers and art equipment.

4. Budget

Setting a budget for everyday expenses, luxuries, rent and bills will ensure that all the costs associated with living in a student flatshare are met. Online budgeting tools can also be used to help you manage your finances.

5. Make you student flatshare into a home

Organising the practicalities of moving into a student flatshare, such as student self-storage, are all well and good but creating a ‘homely’ atmosphere is also important. Socialising with your flatmates, whether over a cheap and cheerful meal or a night on the town will ensure that you create a ‘home away from home’.

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