5 Ways To Choose Perfect Engagement Ring

Diamonds are forever and they are perfect representations of our everlasting love. These tips should help us choose the perfect diamond for our girlfriends:

1. Determine the ideal budget:

Traditionally, it is suggested that we should buy a special diamond ring that’s worth about 2 or 3 months of salary. However, the right budget for the ring could depend on our requirements. Before buying a diamond ring, we may need to get creative with our budget and savings.

We may need to pack lunch from home and do other savings measures. Diamond is a symbol of our undying love and by saving enough money, this is a symbol of our sacrifice.

2. Choose a store that specializes in selling diamonds:

We should avoid buying from stores that sell all kind of jewelries, especially those that work on commission. Specialized stores are more likely to have diamond specialists that are knowledgeable about these stones. Only trust reputable diamond dealers and there are o part-time experts in this serious business. Specialized shops hire consultants with good diamond education.

These experts understand everything from where these diamonds came from to how they are produces to what flaws or imperfections we should be aware of. Our experience with the diamond should be fun, informative and educational.

3. Buy diamond and ring separately:

There are advantages of buying diamond loose. We can compare its size, color, clarity and cut. This allows us to reaffirm quality and know differences in clarity, cut and color. It is possible to check the diamond to an independent expert. Its color can be compared with grading cards and its clarity can be examined in a microscope. Experts will also measure brilliance with ultraviolet light.

There is also a special equipment to compare symmetry and cut. This should reduce our chance of being scammed. When the diamond is already placed in a ring, it would be difficult for average consumer to check its color, clarity and cut.

4. Don’t buy online:

It is a bad idea to buy diamond online, without looking at it directly before we spend our money. The combination of direct observation, surrounding light and movements is necessary to gauge the quality of diamond. Each diamond is different although it comes from the same location. Even the best picture online can physically show how unique each diamond should be.

These images can’t accurately represent the beauty of each diamond. When visiting a store, the diamond expert can show tiny difference in each diamond using microscope and other methods. This consultation session should help us choose diamonds based on our desires and requirements.

5. Compare prices from different shops:

Once we have narrowed down our requirements and preferences, we could go to numerous local shops and make sure that we get a fair price. Of course, we shouldn’t choose diamond only because it is cheap. But we could locate numerous diamonds at similar quality level and make sure we choose the one that provides us with the most value. In essence, we could look for the least expensive alternative among diamonds with decent quality.