Five Ways To Fix A Small Kitchen

The fall is one of the most popular times for homeowners to begin doing home renovations. When the temperature drops, homeowners begin redoing the interiors of their homes because it becomes much more comfortable to work indoors. If you’re one of many people renovating a small kitchen, rest assured that you can have it all, including one of the beautiful stainless-steel kitchen sinks featured in the latest home magazines. The below tips will help you maximize the space in a tiny kitchen.

Light Colors
Choose to paint your kitchen, cabinets included, in light colors. Dark colors often make a room feel smaller than it is. Light colors are a great way to make a room appear larger. On the same note, add more light to your cooking space. Your kitchen will feel more spacious if it’s bright with natural or artificial light.
Removal of Walls
If you have the luxury of being able to knock down adjacent walls to open up your space, grab your sledgehammer. By removing a wall you can make your kitchen instantly appear larger. If you aren’t able to remove a wall, try to give your home a continuous feel by using flooring options that are similar or in the same color palette. Doing this will not only make your kitchen feel larger, it will also transition easily into the rest of the house.
Incorporate Glass
To give your kitchen a more open feel, consider replacing solid cabinet fronts with glass. You can also paint the inside of the cabinet a lighter color to make the space feel even larger and brighter.
Clear Counters
To maximize the space you’re working with, be sure to keep counters free of clutter. Install a microwave above your stove so you have more workspace on your countertops. Why not create a breakfast bar or area in your dining room so that the counter isn’t just filled with your coffee maker? Make sure that you at most keep gadgets that are used regularly out and tuck the rest of the stuff away.
Use What You Love
If you drool when you see stainless-steel kitchen sinks, then pick one you love and go with it. Typically, the biggest decision to be made is your faucet preference. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and look into things that you love, but would normally pass up. This may open up a door of creativity for you and set the tone for a kitchen you can’t believe is yours.
Mercedes Potter is an elite writer who follows trends in home decor. This fall, it’s all about light colors and simple stainless steel. Follow her @CedesPotter to read other home decor blog posts.