Five Ways To Style With Storage

In any house, storage plays a main role in the appearance or dynamic of any room. Without drawers, cupboards, shelves and containers, the places we live in would probably look a lot more like a car-boot sale-a bit of everything everywhere!
On the downside, many peope are guilty of committing storage sins! Boxes haunting hallways, and those ‘just in case’ items of clothing that you know you will never wear, end up crammed inside your closets…

Image by Dee Adams
So here we are!
The following systems of storage are very tactful, and will ensure that you experience less of those ‘where did I leave it’ moments!
 1.       Store on the door
This method of storage is best for a bedroom or even an enclosed kitchen. Storage racks or pockets hang from the top of the doors by an attachment (usually two flat hooks that fit the top of the door).
Within the kitchen, you can get a ‘shelf-rack’ that attaches to the back of the door and allow you to store items such as seasonings, jams etc. in an easy-to-reach place.
For children’s bedrooms, the door storage would come in handy for toys or baby essentials for your little bundle of joy.
 2.       Bath-Time Benefits
In many bathrooms, one, or more sides of the bath are against a wall. This space is usually the home for our bottles of gels, soaps, and shampoos, but too many bottles can make the area look messy and end in a domino effect of shampoo falling in the tub with you!
Consider getting shelves built to utilise this space, whether attached individually to the wall or as part of a unit. You can use it to store your bottles, candles, and even flowers- adding to the relaxing ambience of bath-time.
Be careful not to fill up the shelf space. Less is definitely more on this one!
 3.The Taller the Better
If I asked you what a bedside table was, you’d probably look at me strangely. Obviously, it’s the little unit you get next to your bed, right? But what if I was to tell you that I meant the other type?
Okay I’ll put you out of your misery. I’m talking about ‘tall’ bedside tables, or bedside ‘towers’!
These innovative units don’t even take up any more floor space than your standard bedside table, but their height allows far better storage space in your bedroom.
If you are looking for a stylish yet practical furnishing for your room, then this system is definitely one for you to look into.
4.       Mirror Mirror
Mirrored wardrobes are a great addition to any bedroom! Whether freestanding or fitted, they will definitely be an investment for your space. Not only do they look good, but they also give the illusion of more space within the room, whilst storing your things in style.  Great if you are looking for that minimalistic or industrial look, office storage furniture and fittings can be used in your home to achieve a unique style.
5. Shelves Here, Shelves There, Shelves Everywhere
Using wall space is probably one of the most useful methods of storage. Whether metal shelving, pine units of shelves or plastic shelf towers, shelves come in every shape, size, colour, and material.

Image by …love Maegan
There should be a method to your style madness though, as you want your room to look less cluttered instead of all your clutter just placed on shelves. Go for colour coordination or a design theme throughout the room to create a focal point within the room. Colour schemes always add flavour, so have fun with it!
I hope that these tips have helped you to get thinking creatively as to how you can organise your space. Happy styling and remember to think tidy!
Juliette Douglas is a glutton for style, especially interiors and home furnishings. She also loves shopping online for the best bargains. Here she writes for Rapid Racking Ltd.