Five Ways To Use DVDs For Marketing

Most people think of DVDs as a medium to deliver entertainment into homes, but they have applications that expand far beyond movies, television shows and documentaries. Written content has become slightly passe with the advent of high-speed Internet and YouTube, and companies need a way to spread more information than can be contained within short video clips. That’s where marketing-oriented DVDs come in. Not only do DVDs enable companies to reach a segment of the market that doesn’t pay attention to online ads, they can hold enough data that every possible question can be asked and answered before potential customers turn their DVD players off.

1. DVDs Can Hold More Than Text and Images

People have been trained to look for printed marketing materials, and they often ignore things like brochures when they arrive in the mail. DVDs stand out, and the material contained within a DVD can engage people in ways that other forms of media simply can’t. This allows for the addition of music, graphs, cartoons and other things to spice up a presentation. First impressions may determine whether or not a sale gets made, and DVDs make it incredibly easy for companies to stack the deck in their favor.

2. DVDs Can be Used as Rewards

People like getting things for free, and a DVD doesn’t have to be entirely about a company’s products or services to be effective. Giving people valuable information before they’ve put any money down can draw in new customers, and giving additional information to people after they’ve purchased something can make them customers for life.

3. DVDs Can Provide Direct Links to Websites and Other Sources of Information

One of the biggest risks that marketers run into is that people will listen to the sales pitch and then fail to act. DVDs are a great way for companies to hedge their bets. If taking advantage of an offer is as simple as clicking a link that appears during a presentation, it’s much more likely that it will convert to a sale.

4. DVDs Don’t Have to be Made for DVD Players

DVD drives are as ubiquitous as CD drives were during the late 1990s and early 2000s. That means that companies can go beyond multimedia presentations and create interactive experiences. The beauty of shipping software instead of video content is that it makes it even easier for people to get the information they want when they want it. Someone who wouldn’t spend half an hour on a video presentation may well spend ten minutes on a computer program.

5. DVDs Can Help Establish a Strong Relationship with Customers

Consumers have grown cynical toward marketing campaigns. They’ve been bombarded with information that does nothing to improve the quality of their lives, and they’ve learned to distrust the products and services of companies that don’t value their time. DVDs make it easy to deliver content that consumers deem valuable, and multimedia presentations can add a personal touch that written materials can’t match. Simply put, utilizing DVDs can allow companies to add a human element to what they do, and that greatly increases the odds that a company will experience long-term success.

Marketing in the 21st Century

The old methods for reaching people no longer work. The market is saturated with companies that all do the same exact thing expecting to get results. Businesses need to find ways to make themselves stand out, and while the use of DVDs isn’t enough to accomplish that in itself, the things that can be put on DVDs certainly can. Presentation is key, and choosing the right medium for the message makes it far more likely that companies will get what they want.
Ellen Kelsey is a tech-savvy freelance writer who blogs about DVD duplication customization. You can use online dvd duplication and customization services for your copying needs.