Fixtures: The Tools Of An Effective Marketing Plan

The objective of an effective merchandising plan is to increase sales by inviting customers and encouraging them to make a purchase.  Purposeful displays, shopper-friendly organization, and maximum product visibility are integral components in any successful merchandising plan, although how these elements are implemented depends entirely on the specific business and its product.

The proper fixtures are essential in executing a successful merchandising plan.  It is impossible to sell merchandise if it is invisible to the customer.  Choosing the right display fixtures is the best way to ensure that your customers can see, and purchase, anything that you offer.  There are literally hundreds of different options when it comes to display hardware, organized into several categories.  Consider some of the most versatile and useful fixtures when developing your merchandising plan:

  • Display Cases – If you have any delicate, fragile, or high-value merchandise, you can’t do much better than a display case.  These fixtures are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and can accommodate small items like jewelry or larger items.  Merchandise is fully visible, but securely protected within the locked case.
  • Acrylic Fixtures – For small spaces, acrylic pieces are ideal.  They are lightweight, durable, and available in many options to elevate and display any smaller items.  Because it’s clear, acrylic display pieces are practically invisible; they don’t add any visual weight to your space, and disappear behind your merchandise.
  • Grid Displays – Maximize your display options with a versatile, easy to use grid system.  Metal grid panels can be mounted on any flat surface (wall, ceiling, even fitting room partitions), or can be attached to a floor base to create a freestanding structure.  Once your grid is installed, the possibilities are endless:  hooks, shelves, bins, brackets, faceouts, and whatever else you could need to display your items.  The hardware can be attached and reattached in minutes, so you can change your grid display quickly and easily.
  • Floor Racks – Hanging merchandise becomes an attractive display on the right style of rack.  Fixed styles, in a variety of shapes, help to establish a foot pattern and can guide customers through your floor plan.  Rolling racks take up less visual space, are easy to move, and lend and industrial feel to your space.
  • Flat Surface Displays – Whether it’s folded clothing, shoes, small accessories, electronics, tools, or craft items, you can create attractive displays with a basic table.  Organize merchandise on small risers, in bins, or on tiered tabletop displays for optimal visibility as well as visual interest.

You could spend a substantial amount of money on high-end, designer fixtures; you could also purchase a few versatile pieces (tables, racks, and a grid) and use them to build attractive merchandise displays that highlight your merchandise.  Your displays don’t have to be fancy or expensive, as long as they are neat and well organized.  Make sure everything is visible accessible to the customer, and you’ll see a positive difference in your sales.

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