Flower Power In Your Living Room

Whoever’s even remotely interested in home design, they’ll most probably always look forward to upgrading their living space, changing it, adapting it to their own and their family’s moods and feelings, and always, no matter what, give their best to make it a cozy, warm atmosphere where their loved ones will be happy to spend their time at.

Further, everyone who is into interior design is unapologetically a firm believer in all things beautiful; no, let us stop you right there – none of it has to do with being shallow but rather with the appreciation for the power beauty holds over our emotions; it’s amazing how stimulating beautiful things can be at times.

There are a few patterns and colors that always have a positive effect on an interior (if combined right, of course); our favorite is a flower pattern for sure. Fright not! You won’t have to compromise your modern shapes for the sake of vintage-inspired flower delight. It all combines well, especially when you have a keen eye for detail and are following some great tips.

And where to find those tips? Right below!

Oversize Your Flowers

To make your flowers bloom (get it?) in your space, you should stick to strategically placed oversized pieces or patterns so that they don’t take over the room but simply upgrade it. For instance, opt for curtains with flower motifs or break up the all-white-interior with a comfortable large chair done in a flower pattern.
Huge flower pillows on the sofa or even pillows casually thrown on the floor, arranged in that way for the purpose of sitting may be a nice and interesting touch, too.

Have a Flower Wall

Unless your interior is extremely busy, a wonderful thing to do is have one wall of the room dressed in flower wallpapers; they will bring about the warm, romantic feeling and the whole space will immediately liven up.

We’d always suggest having that wall be the focal point of the room – the wall straight from the entrance or one your eye goes straight to when seated on a sofa. Should you go for oversized or tiny flowers? In this case, they both work.

The Floor Paved with Petals

There’s something oh-so-adorable about opting for a wall-to-wall carpet in a flower pattern, especially if the rest of your interior design are neutral and simple colors (whites, eggshell, pastels, beige, champagne, etc) and clear lines. A flower carpet will immediately brighten up the room and give it a gentler, softer vibe. You can opt for a carpet in a single flower pattern/color or a busy one – either way, make sure the colors woven in the carpet don’t mismatch the rest of your design.

Think of All the Imperceptible Details

Depending on your personal taste, the amount of accessorize you are willing to place around the house is absolutely up to you. What we’d recommend is surprising yourself and everyone else by experimenting with traditional ornament-placement and push the envelope a bit. For instance, instead of hanging that gorgeous homewares on the wall, place them on that antique bureau with a flower vase next to it. Or, instead of hanging pictures in a stream line, go for an unusual, “misplaced” order. You know?

Flowers All Around

Your end tables will look so much more stylish with flower vases on them; to keep things chic and stylish, opt for single-colored vases, see-through ones for depth and dimension or those done in busy patterns but only if the space you are decorating supports just one or two colors. While we appreciate the enthusiasm, too much of everything just doesn’t work.

Place the vases strategically around the room and your whole house so they can catch the eye immediately. Also, the flowers you pick should be (or at least feature that color) of color that dominates the room’s décor for the added touch. Don’t overdo it, though – your interior space isn’t a flower shop.

Use flower patterns to channel your softer side and turn even the dullest of interiors into wonderful spaces!