Flush Sewer Line Repair Headaches Away

Septic and sewer system failures can cause a lot of messy headaches.  Have you ever gone outdoors and smelled that awful smell of sewage that has seeped above ground because of a sewer line in need of repair?  It isn’t something one wants to happen, ever— especially just literally hours before their little one’s birthday party.  Everything has been decorated and all that is needed is the guests to start arriving.  Suddenly, it happens—you flush the toilet, it gives that awful “gurgling” sound and the water doesn’t return to its normal level in the toilet bowl.  You know what is happening, because it’s happened before, just not on day as important as today is.

So what now?  You are in obvious need of a sewer line repair, with little to no time to do it in.  You need to call a professional plumbing company that will respond to an emergency situation such as this.  A company that can diagnose, and do the sewer line repair in the most expeditious manner possible since in only a few hours your guests will be arriving.  If you live in Northern Virginia or the Fredericksburg area you can call The Pipe Doctor, they will send out a team of their qualified plumbers to diagnose the issue and work on repairing the problem.

Plumbers are available 24 hours a day, including weekends.  Plumbers are available for all residential and business septic and sewer needs.  Whether it is for routine maintenance or emergencies like the scenario above; a professional plumber will take the stress and guess work out of sewer line repair and get everything up and running smoothly through the pipes again.  With a professional attitude and empathetic understanding of the frustration that customers must be feeling when something goes wrong with their sewer or septic system.  As well as the health hazard it causes if left unrepaired for long.

Sewer line repair is never an easy job, and it takes a well trained and qualified plumber to do the job correctly.  The traditional sewer line repair uses a back hoe to make an “open cut” or “trench cut” in the area of the broken sewer line; the back hoe then begins the job by digging a hole in order to gain access to and repair the broken line.

With newer advances in “trench-less” sewer line repair there is no need to damage lawns, driveways or parking lots just to get to the sewer lines in need of repair.  The trenchless sewer repair is the next step to having sewer maintenance without a big impact on the environment.

Broken pipes are repaired by making small holes where the damaged pipe begins and ends; using a hydraulic machine, a new pipe is then pulled through the old one, breaking it up as it goes, until the new pipe is laid in place of where the old broken one was.  The new pipe is now resistant to leaks and roots and has a long life expectancy.  Often this type of pipe-relining can be done with access to the buildings “clean-out” which requires very little digging.  A relined pipe is seamless and durable as well as made from non-hazardous materials.