Food Allergies: How to Test for Them and Manage Their Symptoms

Food allergies can be more than just a nuisance that you have to deal with. For some, they are potentially life-threatening, and symptoms of the allergy may present themselves just by being in the same room as those items. Therefore, it is important that you know how to test for food allergies and how to manage any that you have.

What Symptoms are Commonly Associated with Food Allergies?

If you get a rash or break out into hives when coming into contact with certain types of food, you likely have an allergy. The same may be true if you start to wheeze or have trouble breathing around certain foods. In severe cases you may notice your blood pressure dropping or start to go into shock.

Visit an Allergy Clinic to Get Tested

The easiest and best ways to get tested for food allergies is to go to an allergy clinic. A doctor will place residual amounts of certain foods on your back and see how it reacts with your skin. If you start to feel itchy or experience other symptoms, it is likely that you have an allergy. Professionals, like those at Premier Surgical Associates, know that this is a great technique for finding allergies. The doctor will record the results of the test and interpret the results for you.

How to Manage Food Allergy Symptoms

There are several steps that you can take to manage your allergies such as refraining from eating foods that you are allergic to. Those with peanut allergies may have to stay clear of any surface that may have peanuts on it or stay out of any room where peanut dust may be present. It may also be a good idea to carry emergency contact information in case you unexpectedly go into shock.

Get Help at the First Sign of Symptoms

If you start to feel your airway closing, call for help immediately. The same is true if you are dizzy or feel like passing out. When symptoms are taken care of in a timely manner, it may be possible to recover quickly without the need to leave school, work, or a social situation early.

A food allergy is something that you may have to deal with your entire life. While you may not enjoy having to avoid what once was a favorite food, it is possible to live a relatively normal life despite being allergic to some foods. To keep symptoms in check, make it a point to see an allergist regularly and have medication handy to deal with emergency symptoms.