Food Poisoning Could Land Virgin Holidays With Large Compensation Bill

Food Poisoning Could Land Virgin Holidays With Large Compensation Bill

A British holiday-maker is pursuing compensation of £500,000 from holiday giants, Virgin after alleging that she almost lost her life to food poisoning at one of their resorts.

Thirty one year old mother, Sarah Bowes-Phipps had to undergo a serious gall bladder operation after she became so ill there was no other option but to opt for this extreme surgery. It is claimed that she had eaten an unidentified breed of fish during her stay at the resort in Antigua, which the mother says was festooned with stray cats and birds.

Emergency Treatment

The mother from St Albans says she only had a small amount of the fish, which was covered in breadcrumbs and was advertised as the catch of the day. Later that night she awoke in pain and had to be airlifted a hospital in Florida for emergency treatment. It transpired that Ms Bowes-Phipps had salmonella and secondary septicemia.

Lack of Hygiene

Sarah Bowes-Phipps claims that the Verandah Resort and Spa did not have adequate health and safety procedures in place and that animals were permitted to wander freely into the bars and restaurants.From the moment she bit into the fish dish, she was aware that it was barely warm and tasted undercooked.

A Month-long Hospital Stay

So severe was Ms Bowes-Phipps’ condition, she had to remain in the Florida hospital for a month before she could return to the UK for further treatment. The mother is now seeking half a million pounds in compensation from Virgin Holidays and her case is still ongoing.

David and Goliath

This is obviously a very distressing case, and with the holiday provider being so well-known and such a reputable company, situations such as this would fill many holiday-makers with dread! Yet, if you have suffered in a similar manner, it is good to know that no matter how large the company, you still have the right to pursue compensation. Cases like these can seem a little David and Goliath, with the consumer tackling the legal team of a huge global company. Thankfully, the British justice system does not favor the “giant” in these circumstances, and if it is proven that the holiday company is at fault, then you can expect your case to be successful.

Making a Claim

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