Foot Afflictions And How To Avoid Them

As many of our nerves are concentrated at the bottom of our feet, the area which we have to use for support each and every day, you would think we would take better care of them rather than trying to force them into the latest ill-fitting styles available. Whilst many women will put undue pressure on the arches of their feet through vertiginous heel choices, many men will equally try and stoically persevere in their new ill-fitting shoes. Yet it does not have to be that way. Here are a few common ailments and a few ways to sidestep these problems!

This affliction cause skim capillaries to inflame and causes the sufferer’s foot to swell, sting and blister. The best way to combat this is to make sure that your feet always stay appropriately warm by wearing layers or thermals and, once in the house, wearing padded slippers when your shoes are removed during the winter months. If chilblains crop up, use moisturising cream to get the circulation of your blood going back to colder areas.

The Verruca
These are more often than not caught in public areas which is why many people take to wearing specialist verruca socks when they attend swimming pools. These contagious warts are caused by the human papilloma virus and develop on the soles of the feet; get them treated as soon as they appear. Once they appear, see your doctor who will advise on using gels on the affected area.

Bunions can either develop hereditarily or through damage to the toes – it is caused when the joints in the big toe deform and push it sideways towards the other toes.  This can be formed by wearing ill-fitting shoes which damage the feet and can ultimately result in a bunion sufferer needing surgery to remove these afflictions. The best way around this is to wear wide-fitting shoes so as to allow the toes to sit naturally or, in a worst case scenario, the use of a foam separator between toes to stop them moving in the wrong direction.

Ingrown Toenail
This occurs when the sides of nails begin to grow in the wrong direction and begin to grow into the skin; ultimately this can cause infection. This is usually caused by bad toe nail cutting or, once again, shoes that are too tight. Usually this can be remedied relatively easily, particularly if pre-emptive measures are taken, but can occasionally require surgery. During the early stages of this occurring, the nail should be trimmed straight across (rather than towards the corner) as this will help prevent any more of the nail digging into the surrounding skin. It is also possible to alleviate some pain by using a cotton bud to  push away skin from the nail.

Athlete’s Foot
This affliction can hit anyone regardless of how often they physically exert themselves despite the misleading name. The fungal infection, which is contagious, causes an itchy rash to develop between the toes and, more often than not, is caused by wearing footwear that is too tight for long periods of time. Once again, swapping shoes for comfortable slippers at the end of the day can help decrease the chance of infection but once developed the best thing to do is apply antifungal treatment to the inflicted areas. Make sure to clean the toes, and in between them, every night to stop them re-developing and make sure not to scratch the areas as this can cause great degrees of painful swelling and stinging.

Keith is a blogger who is a big fan of looking after his feet and suggests you take a look at these mens slippers for comfortable footwear inspiration.