For Cyclists and Pedestrians: a Plan that will keep you Safe and Protected

Risks are increasing for cyclists and pedestrians, as more Chicagoans are turning to bicycles as a primary means of transportation. Kryder Law, are dedicated in making sure pedestrians and cyclists know their rights in case there is an accident.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, since entering office in 2011, has installed 52 miles of protected bike lanes. In addition, Divvy, the federally funded bike-sharing program, has also done their part giving help and assistance to Chicago commuters who are using their bikes to get to and from work. However, problems remain even though biking is increasing in popularity. One problem that is concerning many is that cyclists still face dangerous intersections when moving from protected lanes to lanes shared with cars and pedestrians.

The comprehensive regional planning agency for Chicago, CMAP, has reported a decline in the overall rate of accidents between cars and bicycles or pedestrians since 2007; however, there was an 11% jump from 2009-2011. Clearly, this increase correlates with an increase in bicycles making their way through the city; making it critical for drivers and pedestrians to stay alert when moving in and around the city.

It is important that pedestrians and cyclist know the rules and regulations that pertain to them because accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians often result in injury. To help cyclists and pedestrians, Kryder Law’s personal injury and auto accident attorneys, want to remind cyclists that they must use whatever path is meant for them. These paths may be a buffered path, a protected path or sharing the roadway. Most importantly, cyclists are not allowed on sidewalks except in designated locations along the lake front.

Dooring, when a driver opens his door in a cyclist’s path after parking and when a cyclist doesn’t have time to avert a collision, is a common but highly dangerous accident. According to WBEZ, a cyclist died when he entered traffic and was hit by a semi-truck when trying to avoid a “dooring” collision. It is imperative for cyclists and drivers to be aware of this problem and to be alert to those they share the road with.

Kryder Law can help you understand your rights should you experience a bicycle injury collision with either a pedestrian or motor vehicle. We will investigate your bike crash carefully and review your case with you. Contact us at ( to go over the details of your case or for more information. We are here to help and advise you with your bicycle-car concerns.

Jeffrey Wright is a lawyer in the Chicago area and has helped many with this issue. He has worked and lived in the Chicago area for 20 years. He can be reached at auto accident lawyer in Chicago