Formal Pharmacy Education Gives You Better Prospects In Your Life-Make The Best Of It

Many students are in complete whirlpool and air of confusion when it comes to pharmacy education. They don’t have faintest of the ideas as to what all is included or not included in this niche field of education. Most of the students have half knowledge about their prospects as a pharmacist after they complete their diploma or degree in it. The students generally visualize pharmacist to be a druggist who will be standing at the counter and selling the prescribed drugs every day and all through his or her life. For most of the prospective students otherwise looking forward to attain a pharmacy degree, find pharmacist job a monotonous and tiring one and there is absolutely nothing creative which can be done. However, it is not always the case and if we talk of today’s scenario, pharmacist has more respect, more earnings and more interesting career available in the medical sciences.

Pharmacy Technician Career:
The pharmacist working at the counter in drug store has in his/her possession doctoral degree, called a PharmD, or doctor of pharmacology, which is an equivalent of PhD, specifically in the pharmacy field. However, you will also meet many other professionals working out there in the pharmacy shops who are well known as the pharmacy aides. The sides are lowest ranked jobs in the pharmacy and very often these professionals will not be allowed to give prescribed medications to the customers. Pharmacy aides work only as the support staff in the drug stores and handle the back counter operations, like maintaining the list of available medicines or out of store medicines etc. The pharmacy aides will add or delete the medications in the computer software and keep everything in an updated format.
Next in the ladder is the Pharmacy tech job. He/she will dispense the medicines as prescribed on the physician’s prescription. They are also the first professionals who have the responsibility for labeling and bottling of the liniments and ointments and make sure about the quantity.

Technicians actually don’t have any special education and they get on the job training. However, if you are serious to become a certified technician, it is important to pass National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. One can prepare for the exam while pursuing his/her current job. After passing the examination, you need to go for 2 years training. For the purpose of maintaining the certification levels, it is essential that the tech has prescribed education units every year in the field.
Make sure that there is a remarkable difference between the lab technician and pharmacy tech and two do not hold any kind of relation. In the recent times the pharmacy industry has seen superb growth. It has been primarily due to the coming of several wonder drugs as the result of research. When you have finally made up your mind to build your pharmacy career, be ready to spend your time working at nights and even during the weekends. But don’t worry as at the end of the day, you will have an enjoyable and comfortable life.
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