Four Different Careers as an Underwater Diver

If you love the water you may at one point in your life seriously consider devoting your career to it. There are tons of jobs that keep you out near the water for the entire day, from marine biologist to water quality technician, but how about a job that literally keeps you in the water? There are plenty of career options relating to diving, so whether it’s recreational diving or commercial diving, if you want to spend your days underwater you’ll definitely be able to find a job you enjoy. Check out these different careers that will take you to the depths of the sea every day of your working life.

Dive Instructor

Yes, this is probably the most basic but why leave it off? Being a dive instructor can be both challenging and rewarding, and usually a strong mix of the two. You’ll spend your days both in a pool and in the ocean teaching newcomers the ins and outs of something you love. Once you have experience as a dive instructor this job could take you to many incredible places all over the world. You could find a job on a cruise ship, or even in a tropical resort where the need for quality dive instructors is imperative.  So, if you are patient and a good teacher then you’ll be able to enjoy both the great outdoors, and a job you love.

Underwater Engineer

This is a challenging, tough career choice for a diver but one that can be enjoyable. As an underwater engineer you’ll be building and maintaining different structures.  You may have to repair a bridge, or build artificial reefs out of a sunken ship. You’ll likely use complex tools like an underwater thickness gauge to measure the thickness of different structures for corrosion and/or leaks, and with focused training you may deep-sea dive to perform maintenance on gas and oil pipelines. If you choose a career in underwater engineering then you can be certain you’ll find a position once you’ve completed your training as there is high demand in this field.

Underwater Photographer/Videographer

There are plenty of different things you can do if you choose to pursue the underwater media field. Whether you’re taking pictures for a travel magazine or shooting tourism videos from various locations around the world, you’ll get to experience life from a very unique perspective. You could even work your way up to a job with a film production studio, and work with different types of underwater special effects.

Police Diver

Now this one might take quite a few years to attain but if you’ve ever had an interest in a career in law enforcement and are also a big scuba diving fan, you may consider looking into a job as a police diver. This is not a job for everyone, and certainly should not be entered into lightly, by any means. You may dive in locations where you’ll be in search of evidence and likely be tasked with searching and recovering bodies or other sinister remains! However, a career in law enforcement is a requirement before being considered for this type of position.

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