Four Helpful Skydiving Tips For Amateurs

Skydiving boasts of a rich history that dates back to the 1100s. It is an extreme sport that owes its popularity to the likes of Jacques Garnerin and Kathe Plaus. Taking that first dive out of an aircraft is never a pleasurable experience. Regardless of your mental stamina, you are always bound to feel nervous.

On the backdrop of skydiving’s long existence, take heart in the knowledge that others before you have undergone the same experience. To get through that first dreadful experience, you should incorporate a bit of planning and patience. Also, a little confidence will help you to ward off the jittery feelings. The following tips will help you on that first plunge.

Undergo rigorous medical check-up

Before hopping onto an aircraft for a skydiving adventure, you must be of sound health. In this regard, it is important that you inform the relevant authorities of any medical conditions. Your doctor will also have to okay your participation in this activity. Failure to do so would subject you to various health complications while in the air.
Equally important is the need to accumulate sufficient body weight. You must not exceed 250 pounds since this will hamper your landing. If you are a minor, you would have to wait until 18 years to enjoy that thrilling skydiving experience.

Invest in the appropriate gear

Skydiving can be a less unnerving activity when you know that you have the right gear. This extreme sport requires that you should discard any clothes that restrict your movement. It is preposterous for you to go skydiving with open-toed footwear or sandals. Not to be forgotten is a pair of goggles or contacts. These are sure protection from the interferences associated with the blowing wind.
Other important clothing for skydiving include helmets and jumpsuits. Alongside your goggles and shoes, they ought to be in perfect condition. Skydiving has no space for distractions. Your clothing will hugely influence your landing and comfort in the air.

Maintain focus at all times

Granted, skydiving is an extreme sport that produces an incredible adrenaline rush. It is possible to find yourself in some kind of reverie—a costly act in the art of skydiving. A single jump normally lasts for one minute before you land. It is important that you maintain your focus and execute every aspect of the activity. For example, focus will be vital in activating your parachute at the right time.

Seek assistance from instructors

Skydiving instructors are there to guide you through the diving session. As professionals, do not hesitate to ask for their help when you need one. This is in instances where you need safety advice tips or encouragement. In the former case, an instructor will educate you on how to skydive safely.
Being that instructors have seen it all, they can also psych you up. These instructors can equip you with invaluable advice to overcome your fear of the unexpected. You will attest to the fact that skydiving is a fun sport. This is possible when you have enough tools to surmount that first jump. Wind blowing through your hair, adrenaline rush and high altitudes; these are the thrills of skydiving.
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