Four Home Improvements to Reduce Your Household Waste

Reducing your household waste doesn’t have to involve spending lots of money on new gadgets. With just four small home improvements you will reduce your household waste and contribute to a greener planet.

1.   Get recycling bins to sort your household waste

With the large range of recycling bins available to buy, you’ll easily find one that matches your home’s style. A multi-compartment waste bin is perfect to sort out your household waste efficiently, with three different colour-coded chambers.

The colours are not vitally important, as long as you remember which bin corresponds to each waste type. You could create your household waste management system by using the one bin for plastics, glass and tins. Use another bin for food scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds and cut flowers. Have the third bin reserved for the disposal of paper and cardboard.

Check with your local council on the correct recycling protocol for your neighbourhood to ensure you are sorting your waste in line with local standards.

2.   Keep a stockpile of reusable bags

Avoid buying new bags every time you make a purchase. They will accumulate in your home, adding to unsightly clutter. Instead, cut down on increasing the demand for plastic by keeping a stockpile of reusable bags.

For small produce bags and reusable nets used for fruit and vegetables, fold them into an empty tissue box. Medium-sized store bags can be kept in an old shoebox. If you have large shopping bags, keep them in a plastic or metal basket. Your stash of reusable bags will cut down plastic waste that is hard to recycle and save you money down the line.

3.   Fill your kitchen cabinet with reusable containers

Store your food items properly to keep them fresh. Good quality airtight containers will keep moisture out of foods, preserving them for longer. You’ll want to keep a range of different sized storage containers in your kitchen cabinets and shelves to suit different kinds of ingredients.

Mason jars are a very attractive option and stack easily. They’re great for storing herbs and spices, berries, nuts and cereal. Stainless steel containers are non-porous, so even the most fragrant of foods will retain their flavour and colour. Plastic Tupperware is inexpensive and durable, so it’s a perfect low-cost option for reusable containers.

4.   Reduce your household cleaning products

Ask yourself whether you really need all those cleaning products under your kitchen sink, or whether just one will do. Instead of buying multiple products, get a multi-purpose cleaner.

If you’re really serious about cutting down on household waste, make your own DIY eco-friendly household cleaner. You’ll avoid all the chemicals and throwaway plastic bottles, so you’ll be looking after both your health and the planet. Simply add one part warm water to one part white vinegar. Keep the cleaner in recycled glass vinegar bottle with a repurposed spray nozzle.

With just four easy home improvements you can easily reduce the amount of your household waste. By putting these into practice every day, you’ll save money and cut down on what you usually throw away. Finally, you’ll also be contributing to a cleaner, greener place for us to live.