Four Marketing Needs You Forgot

Hold up a second.  Did you forget something on the way to online marketing success?  Do you have all the effective tools?  Do you know what tools to utilize?  Online marketing is a game of strategy.  No two brands are exactly alike or in the same position.  Brand success is contingent on the knowledge and utilization of available tools and strategies.

Did you forget to consider the following online marketing implements?


What is your end goal, to gain exposure and revenue?  While organic traffic is considered the ‘bought house’ of search, PPC methods are the ‘rentals.’  Securing organic top rankings is timely and difficult.  Leveraging pay-per-click methods are immediate, though sometimes costly.  However, consider the return on investment for immediate exposure.  A good product/service speaks for itself but needs immediate exposure.  Don’t forget about pay-per-click.  Think about using the method for short-term traction and one-time events.


Not every vertical is well suited for video production; but, that is thinking in limited terms.  What about interviews of executives, video tours of facilities, and perspectives from workers?  Those are all possibilities afforded by video production.  Video is a blessing for some verticals.  How about home improvement providers?  Brands can record practitioners addressing real jobs.  What a great way to market!  Is your brand exploring video options?  Don’t forget about video.  It offers more ways to stimulate consumer senses, building upon the content’s intrigue.

Good Design and Function

How long does it take for your site’s pages to load?  What does your site look like?  When was its last design?  What do you think when you approach your pages as a consumer?  Be honest.  Compare your pages to that of some of your competitors.  Is your site lacking in great design?  Furthermore, is the user experience of your site well thought and implemented?  These are all serious questions.  They need practical answers.  What do users think of your site, your brand’s property?  Additionally, is your site technically optimized for proper indexing?  Don’t forget about design and function.  It’s the bread holding the ‘meat’ of your site together.

Reputation Management Services

Do you have any idea how many social media platforms exist?  Do you know what consumers are saying about your brand, executives, services/products?  You should.  Reputation management services help clients identify online conversations and provide insight, instructing upon how to engage consumers and particular situations.  Don’t be left in the dark.  You need to know about, gauge, and positively influence your online reputation.  Don’t forget about reputation.  A great reputation is an effective, ongoing sales tool.

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James Brown works with a team of writers at WebiMax, addressing online marketing needs for clients of all sizes and verticals.