Four Reasons To Opt For White Glove Shipping

Humans are interesting creatures.  We have invented things, like the wheel, making efforts ‘easier.’  On the contrary, sometimes human stubbornness places us in situations, which are not completely optimal.  For instance, some males are known to drive in circles for hours before asking for general directions.  Why do we do that to ourselves!  If you wanted something shipped in or out, would you leverage white glove shipping?  If not, here are some things which may occur.

Oops!  It Doesn’t Fit!

Rather than opting for white glove shipping or any kind of delivery options, some consumers figure they could save a few bucks, optioning to grab their goods personally with an SUV, or other kind of larger-sized vehicle.  Often, consumers go to get the goods only to find the parameters of the box do not exactly match the available space in the vehicle.  It’s like trying to push a circle through a square hole.  No matter how you ‘arrange’ it, it just won’t work. Such anxieties can be avoided by using a shipping service.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.

But Wait!  Come Back!

Some of us do opt for delivery, but use services that don’t offer white-glove shipping options and luxuries, such as taking older items away.  Have you ever had a large kitchen or home implement delivered, assuming the delivery people would ease the pain of ridding your home of the old, large, and heavy implement?  Sure, a lot of us make assumptions.  But wait, some services ‘don’t do that,’ they won’t take away the old when bringing the new.  That leaves you with another hassle and job.  If you used white-glove delivery, the extra problem would be eliminated.

The Lore of the ‘Cable Guy’

Have you ever sat around waiting all day for a service provider?  Many consumers must suffer through the ‘cable guy’ scenario.  You know it.  It’s often lampooned in television and movies.  Providers give you a ‘window’ of time, indicating when they’ll arrive to your home.  Most often, the window is quite large spanning entire mornings, afternoons, or the better portions of days.  It’s not very convenient for consumers, who need to work, do chores, or want to enjoy their day.  The predicament can be avoided by using white-glove services.  The delivery ‘window’ is much more realistic and convenient.

Damaged Box or Missing Part Surprise

This may be one of the worst scenarios plaguing consumers.  Have you ever picked something up or had it delivered only to open the box and find damaged goods, or even worse, sound goods missing crucial parts for proper construction?  It happens too often to too many good people, people who should have taken advantage of white-glove shipping options rather than assumed things would go their way.  White-glove services unpack your goods, ensuring all parts are present and no damage has occurred.

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