Four Tips To Finding A Legitimate Psychic

Having your fortune read by a psychic can be a both fun and meaningful experience. Psychics can help you learn more about yourself, look at your life from a different point of view, and make tough decisions when you’re stuck at a crossroads. But with so many “self-proclaimed” psychics out there today, how do you know which ones really know what they’re doing, and which ones are only out to make a quick buck? Let’s take a look at some tips for finding a legitimate psychic.

Find a Certified Psychic

Believe it or not, psychics can become certified too. Just like engineers, lawyers, or plumbers, psychics also have a certification system in which candidates with years of experience are required to demonstrate their skills and knowledge and produce references. Although unlike an engineer for example, it is not illegal for a psychic to practice without becoming certified. That is why seeking out a certified psychic is definitely a good idea this oversaturated market.

Look for Testimonials and References

Looking for a psychic reading online can be convenient. There are most likely dozens of psychics that you can scroll through for your area alone. However, as always with the internet, along with convenience also comes uncertainty. Examine the websites closely and look for testimonials and references from previous customers and other psychics. The same should be done for psychics that are not found online. One of the first places you should look for a psychic is by asking friends and family members you trust. A good reference from someone you know is worth much more than a dozen from anonymous posters online.

Avoid Over-the-Phone Psychics

As mentioned before, there are lots of “self-proclaimed” psychics out there. One of the main types of “psychics” you should avoid are over-the-phone ones that advertise on television and charge you an exorbitant amount of money every minute. Oftentimes these psychics will promise you anything, including winning lottery numbers or the love of someone you’re pursing. Odds are, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Legitimate psychics will never make you over-the-top promises like that, as they are only there to guide and provide support.

Avoid “Books Smart” Psychics

Have you ever had a friend who borrowed a fortune-telling book from the local library, read it, and immediately claimed he or she could give you an accurate psychic reading? Did you take his or her reading seriously? Most likely not. When looking for a legitimate psychic, look for someone with years of real world experience dealing with a wide range of different people. A psychic that obtains all of their knowledge from books may know the theories and techniques behind giving psychic readings, but they have not given enough actual readings to be in tune with the energies of different people. Psychic readings are very dynamic and interactive. Each person receiving, and each person giving a reading is different, and only time can strengthen a psychic’s ability to read people and connect with them.
With dozens of psychics out there advertising their services every day, it can be difficult to find one who is not just out to tell you what you want to hear and lighten your wallet. Legitimate psychics are certified by a board of recognized psychics, and have years of real world experience and testimonials to back them up. Now that you know the keys to finding a “real” psychic, go get your reading today!
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