Free Inventory Management

Warehouse management has been made extremely easy by the development of LoMag. It is a warehouse management program that allows you to efficiently manage the items in your warehouse with utmost ease. The program comes with the latest Microsoft SQL server that allows storage of millions of documents and also offers fast processing.

Learn how to use free inventory management program

In order to understand the functioning of the program properly you can download the DEMO version of the LoMag warehouse Management program. The program will automatically check and install all the components required for the proper running of the program that are Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft .NET 2.0 library. 60 MB is the total size of the installation package. But, if you already have Microsoft SQL 2005 libraries or later versions, then you have to just download and install the LogMag which is of just 3 MB. LoMag versions without SQL libraries can also be installed on the peripheral computers that are connected to the main computer serving as the server. Windows 8 computers must have SQL 2008 R2 for the proper functioning of the program and then install the program without SQL.

The DEMO version of the program can be launched to a maximum of 30 times. The main motive of the DEMO version is to familiarize you with the functioning of the program without any risks or cost. There is no difference between the DEMO version and full version, both have exactly same options and functionalities. But, the DEMO version is for a limited time period and it stops working after you have launched it 30 times. You can run this DEMO version on any number of computers, there is no limitation. The only limit in the DEMO version is the size of the Microsoft SQL database that limits the amount of data to 4 GB, but in general practice it means it can hold millions of entries.