Friday Night With Friends

The weekend is around the corner and that means maybe going on a date or spending time with the hubby.  Well, that may be fun if you have that someone special in your life.  For those that do not, even better.  Do not let anyone degrade the situation.  Being single means fun and crazy plans with the girls.  What better way to spend the weekend than with your best friends.  Here are a few fun tips to get you exciting weekend plans rolling.

Game Time

To save some extra cash, try staying in rather than going out.  Game nights are always enjoyable.  Game nights does not have to include a bunch of old ladies getting together to play bridge.  Instead grab games like Mad Gab or Gestures for a zany night filled with yelling and laughs.

Movie Night

A movie is another great idea.  Whether you are hanging out with one other person or a large group, movies are a fun and relaxing way to spend some time together.  This is also something that can be a weekly event where each friend gets to pick a different movie each time.  You can even make it a themed party.

Dinner Party

Make it a dinner party.  Dinners are always fun because they are more intimate and it gives people a chance to socialize easily.  It can be a simple meal where you order pizza or it can be a three course meal and bring out the fine china and fancy silverware.  Some people will even have it catered or bring in a professional chef. 

Going Out

To make it even easier, you can plan to go out for dinner.  This way you do not have to spend the time to plan a big meal and there is no need to clean up a mess and do dishes.  Even if it is an evening out for drinks and appetizers it is still fun to get out and socialize.  Going to a wine tasting room to enjoy some time live music is always entertaining.


Sometimes a weekend is better spent when it is less formal.  Girls can always have fun by going out for a shopping trip.  This gets you out of the house, gives you a new wardrobe and it creates lasting memories with friends.


In the end, it does not matter what you are doing or how much money you are spending.  All that matters is that you spend your time with the people you care about most. 

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