Fridges Of The Future – Smart Fridges That Order Food

In a few years, it seems likely that a visit to the fridge is going to entail more than just grabbing a snack. The latest models of ‘smart fridges’ are already hitting the market, and are utilising the latest in wireless technology to hook the kitchen up to the rest of your life.

A number of different brands of fridge boasting new features are already on sale across the UK. As you might expect, most of the new designs focus around enhancing the ability of the consumer to monitor and manage their food. The ability to scan each item of food, when combined with a wireless connection to the major retailers, enables ongoing monitoring of expiration dates. Soon the days of finding a bit of mouldy food at the back of the fridge will be gone, as you will be warned about items reaching their ‘use by date’ through a display at the front of the fridge.

As if that wasn’t enough, you will also be able to programme your weekly food preferences into the fridge, which will monitor your usage and order new supplies of food staples as and when they are used up. In collaboration with online delivery services, you will no longer run out of milk without noticing. By the time you are running low, your fridge will already have ordered a few pints for you, and the online retailer will deliver to your door!

Some brands are going even further, and are now capable of hooking up with online dieting and exercise sites, monitoring your Body Mass Index and keeping records of the nutritional information of every piece of food you take out of the fridge. It will be a bit more difficult to sneak that guilty treat when the display monitor is flashing red and letting you know exactly how badly your diet has gone off the rails. Of course, if you should decide that you want that treat anyway, your fridge can hook up to the oven and other kitchen features, starting it up without any need for you to do anything.

None of these features would be useful if ‘smart fridges’ weren’t designed to be as robust and effective as the normal lines of products. Fortunately, new technology can also improve the performance of the fridge when it comes to its core functions. Monitoring of usage patterns and the time of day can enable the newest models to conserve power when it is not likely to be needed, saving energy and ensuring that your food is kept at the perfect temperature for longer.

Gourmet packages of nutritional food supply for families are available online now. For those who want to save a few bucks, they should use gourmet coupons.

As we head towards a future in which everything in your home is likely to be accessible through a smartphone touchscreen, there is no reason that your kitchen should be the only room left out. It seems likely that ‘smart fridges’ will be just the latest addition to the digital home revolution.

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