From Sexy To Sleepy- How Light Colours Affect Your Mood

You are most likely well aware of how easily your mood can be effected by external influences. Hang out in a garden where the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming and you will probably feel lovely and calm.
Spend time in a dull office or waiting room and you will no doubt start to feel a bit restless and gloomy.
In your home, then, it’s worth taking these things into consideration, especially when it comes to interior lighting. The colour and quality of the light around you can have a huge impact on your mood, according to psychologists.
Here is a guide on different colours affect you, and the emotions they might bring out.

Image: Vincent Ghyssens
Representing strength, warmth and energy, red promotes creativity and passion. As it is the light with the longest wavelength our eyes are drawn to it first, hence it being used to attract attention everywhere from traffic lights to warning signs.
It is a very physical colour, and will have an impact on the body as well as the mind. Red can thus make you feel sexy and full of energy.
According to principles of Feng Shui, it is a good idea to have a red light in the corner of your bedroom. Soft red and auburn lights are great for creating mood in your boudoir!
This sunshine colour has all the obvious associations and mood enhancement. Yellow typically makes people feel more energised, positive and confident.
A forward-looking, optimistic colour, it can pick you up when you are feeling a bit down and get your positive energy flowing.
This stimulating colour works well in any space used for working and creating such as an office or kitchen.

Image: Walt Stoneburner
Strongly associated with calm and relaxation, blue is the colour for winding down and daydreaming. Unlike red, which is a colour of the body, blue is a colour of the mind. It encourages us to wind down, breathe more easily and relax.
This is a great light colour for the bathroom or a cosy living room. Baths with built in LED lights are loads of fun, caressing your body with calm tones as you soak.
Violet and lavender tones are the colours of contemplation and meditation. They encourage us to go deeper within ourselves and connect internally rather than externally.
Teaming purple with blue lights in the bathroom is a great colour scheme. With your luxury lavender bath oils and a few candles, you’ll experience truly blissful bathing.
The colour of nature, life and harmony, green has the power to make us feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Right in the middle of the colour spectrum, it is a colour of balance and equilibrium.
Green lighting works really well in living spaces and is great when combined with yellow tones for a fresh outdoor effect.
A fun, cheeky colour, orange represents play and happiness.
It is therefore a great colour to have in kid’s bedrooms or play areas.
Have you tried any of these coloured lights in your house? How have they affected your mood?
Estelle Page is a thirty something interior designer, loving life with her husband and two kids! When she’s not redecorating her home for the 100th time, you’ll find her taking in the scenery at a local garden show or being inspired by the antiques and decor at a nearby National Trust home. She currently works closely with Luma Lighting.