Fun Accessories To Complete Every Face Painting Kit

Face painters always need to keep an eye out for the next cool idea for parties and events. Sometimes those special details can make all the difference when it comes to snagging repeat clients. This quick guide will provide some ideas for the experimental face painter looking to put a spin on their new favorite designs – better lions, monsters, and princesses abound.

Hats, Hair Color, And Accessories

A painted face is enough to make most clients happy, but what if you were able to offer neat hair to complete the look? This can make all the difference at costume parties and themed events, but hair accessories can make a huge impact at children’s parties as well.

Headbands are fun – the ones with animal ears go over big with children and adults alike. Little alien and fairy antennas are fun too. Party hats in general are fun, but even better when they are styled with animal ears or shaped like little top hats. Classic newspaper hats are perfect for pirates. If you like paper art crafts, you may even be able to make your own accessories for a super-special event. Crowns and top hats are just too much fun; they are our favorites by far.

Hair chalk and tinsel are flexible and appropriate for parties where spray, gel, or headbands would interfere with styled hair. When all else fails, flowers and fake feathers are very fun. Fake eyelashes and moustaches are a great way to complete a character and you can usually get a large party set for a decent price.

Jewels, Glitter, And Alternatives

Every face painter should have some glitter and jewels onboard. Powder glitter is hard to work with, so keep a clear binding agent handy and mix before the party. Or you could try glitter pens, or even glitter paints. We like press-on jewels for settings in which a parent might not appreciate sparkly glitter getting all over the furniture. You can use flat-colored buttons (in other words, not shiny) for freckles, beauty spots, or whisker dots.

The hardest part is finding affordable alternatives for anybody at the party that might not want something so sparkly. Some boys and girls prefer scary monsters to flowers. It’s always nice to keep some fake wound clay on hand for just these occasions – kids love to gross each other out as long as you don’t get too graphic, but an adult-only party would be a great place to bust out the horror movie techniques. Remember to keep some lip-safe makeup so you can draw monster mouths with scary fangs!

Other Accessories And Tips To Consider

Keep a nice selection around to surprise guests at parties! A little special embellishment can help a child turn a frown into a smile, or can make a first time client become a longtime one. It’s one thing to bring themed accessories to a theme party but another to surprise everybody with your creative applications of unexpected props.

Princess wands are easy to make and they are often the perfect pairing, great for fairies and wizards too. Animal-themed parties might benefit from animal tails or stick-on whiskers, monster parties might be more fun with some fake blood or fingernail claws. These efforts go beyond adding a “special touch” and can serve to bump up your asking price by quite a lot.

Accessories can get expensive, especially the more complicated ones like pet ears and luxurious eyelashes. We always suggest hitting up those costume and cosmetic shops after big holiday sales – or try shopping online in the offseason for even more savings. Are you looking for something special? Take some time to check out Jest Paint for ideas and great deals.

Whether you paint faces professionally, on a volunteer basis, or just for fun, take some time to branch out from ordinary paints whenever you get the chance! Creating characters is an art form and you’ll find new ways to transform faces every time you start experimenting.

Author Bio

Kate is a painter and designer. Her work of art is highly appreciated on her personal blog. She also freelances for many publishers.