Fun With Chocolate And Kids’ Parties

Whether you’re throwing a chocolate-themed party for your children or just looking for creative ways to keep a group of kids entertained, here are a few chocolaty games to keep the smiles on their faces.

The Chocolate Game

This funny and fast-paced game is great for kids, but make sure moms and dads are around because it does involve the use of potentially sharp cutlery. All you need is a slab of chocolate (of course), a pair of dice, a knife and fork, some dress-up items – like a hat, scarf and gloves for example – and a plate. Have the children sit in a circle and place the chocolate, still in its wrapper, on a plate in the middle. Each child gets one turn to roll the dice and then passes them to their left.

Once someone rolls the dice, they must immediately throw on the dress-up gear and, using only the knife and fork, begin unwrapping and eating the chocolate. Once the next child has rolled the dice, they must swap, and the child who rolled the new pair gets a turn to wear the dress-up gear and eat the chocolate. What makes the game fun for everyone is the brittleness of the chocolate and how difficult it is to stab with a fork, and watching the kids try their best to get every morsel.

Making Chocolate Lollipops

Making chocolate lollipops is another great idea for a children’s party. Adult supervision is needed for this one because it involves working with melted chocolate, which can be very hot. Find some funky shaped ice cube trays, melt some chocolate and let the kids choose what to mix in with it – for example some nuts or sweets. Then pour the chocolate into the molds and put it in the freezer to harden. Add paper or plastic sticks to the lollipops once they start to harden. Do this at the beginning of a party so that every kid can go home with something to nibble on!

Chocolate Puzzle

Everyone loves piecing together puzzles, so this is sure to be a hit at your next kids’ party. Roughly break up a few small chocolate slabs, and give each child the pieces of one of the broken slabs. The first one to reassemble a chocolate slab in its entirety gets to eat it! That’s of course if you can stop them from just eating it in the first place…

A Simple Guessing Game

This is a classic game and always fun. Fill up a bowl or jar with chocolates, and have each child guess how many chocolates are in it. The one who gets the closest to the correct amount gets to take the jar home.

There are plenty more ways to incorporate chocolate in kids’ party games. Come up with some of your own creative and delicious games and give your kids a party they’ll never forget!

This is a guest post by Jeff from Chocolate Time, a South African manufacturer of personalized chocolates.