Fundraising Tips for School Musical Departments

Music in any grade level is incredibly important because it encourages nerve-cell development and creativity. It’s a scientific fact that children who’re exposed to music tend to perform better in academics throughout their school career. Musical departments, however, are usually underfunded. Consider these simple, fundraising tips that can help out your musical group this year.

Go “Caroling” Year-Round

Your neighborhood may not be aware of the talented children at the local school. Advertise the musical department by organizing “caroling” parties. Walk around the neighborhood, knock on a few doors and ask if you can perform a song for the household. In most cases, you’ll only meet thrilled individuals who’re stunned by the beautiful music being played by the children. Donations are normally given afterward by the household. This experience is valuable for everyone involved as money is raised and kids develop performing skills.

Tap Into Social Media

One of the latest ways to earn money for a school organization is through social media. The department can work up an online post that advertises the children’s goals and talents. Videos, images and testimonials might be part of the post. The department and individual parents participate in this social-media campaign. Funds can be donated through electronic transfers or old-fashioned mailed checks. Because social media can be shared across countless accounts, you never know who will donate money tomorrow.

Look for Professional Donations

When you have a music department with several dozen children, they all have parents and relatives who may have professional contacts in the industry. Look for symphonic companies who’re replacing their old instruments. You might be able to purchase or benefit from a donation with free pianos NYC, for example. Teachers and parents simply need to keep an ear out for any opportunities in the neighborhood. These donations are normally quiet among the parties so they aren’t advertised to most people.

Host Musical Events

Schools and music associations across the state will often have competitions throughout the year. These competitions may need a gym or field for performances. Your school might host the event so that it can make money from selling food, charging admission and other revenue pathways. You’ll also advertise the music department through these avenues, which leads to other fundraising opportunities. Parent volunteers run the event so that payroll isn’t a concern. These events simply take time to organize. Booster groups tend to be a good idea for any school that wants to lift up the music department.

Giving your time and effort to a music department is just as important as funding it from a monetary perspective. Help the children with practice at home, or work at the school during off hours. You’ll gain brighter children with incredible futures by supplying quality music and instruments to the department.