Funky Flooring

Nothing gets people up and dancing more than a stage or dance floor. So why not give your party a unique twist and give your floor space enough oomph to get the party started and keep it going all night long?

Retro floors:
You can’t go wrong with a traditional 70’s style flooring for a good old knees up. You can buy the flooring as one metre squares that come in a variety of colours – of course. These tiles can be used to cover a floor of any size to creating that authentic 70’s vibe to give you that Saturday fever.

LED floors:
Got a theme of a certain colour going on? How about an LED floor? You can choose any colour or even go for a mixture of different colours, that can be wired up to change in time with the music.

Star light floors:
Coming in a variety of colours to create the effect of dancing by under in stars; this white floor is perfect for wedding venues – you couldn’t pick a more romantic setting for that first dance as Mr and Mrs.

Video floors:
How about an image on the dance floor of the happy couple, birthday girl, a union jack, your company’s special offers or anything else you could possibly think of?

There are so many different floors to choose from, there really are no limits. You can have them wherever you like – even outside – and a company will come and construct them for you.

If your room is perfect apart from one wall that just doesn’t tie in with your theme, why not try some curtains. Curtains aren’t just used on windows etc. and they’re not just for letting light in or keeping it out they can also make rooms seem cosier, brighter and more appealing. You could even use them to cover a partition wall so you can have a back stage area if needed.

The colour scheme that is used in a room can create different atmospheres that you may not be aware of, for example:

Black – a colour of authority and power
White – innocence and purity
Red – a very intense colour; it’s the colour of love but can also represent any extreme emotion
Blue – peaceful and tranquil
Green – symbolises nature and peace; it is also known to be used to calm people down in stressful situations
Dark green – is a masculine colour for money and wealth
Yellow – an optimistic colour; however it can also have a negative effect on people, due to putting a strain on the eyes – this causes them to lose their temper.
Purple – feminine, royal and sophisticated with a hint of romance
Brown – solid and reliable; commonly said to be a man’s favourite colour
A lot of people take colours seriously and will research the meaning of a colour and how it can affect mood before using it.

This article was written on behalf of, by Gina Barnett – an interior designer.