Funny Comedy Sketches Involving Food References

Only Fools and Horses – Yuppie Fever

Regularly voted as the best British TV show ever, from Del Boy falling through the bar in a bistro to exploding life-size dolls, everyone has a favourite moment they can recall vividly. In the late 1980’s, as films such as Wall Street brought global “yuppie” fever to a crescendo, they were featured prominently in the show.

One hilarious episode features the Nag’s Head pub, where bartender Mike serves the same meal to regular Denzil and a young high-flyer from the city. All fairly innocuous, however when he serves the regular punter he gives him “beef stew” and charges him £1. The yuppie? £2.50 and a serving of “boeuf bourguignon.”

Peter Kay

In recent years, observational comedy has become one of the leading sub-genres that has helped comedy, and in particular stand-up, to become widely popular once more.

One of the masters of this is Lancashire funny man Peter Kay, who tells a great joke about calling up his local takeaway.

“Do you deliver?”……..”No, we do lamb, chicken and beef.”

I cannot write in a North Western accent, so look it up on YouTube if you are looking for a laugh, it is much better with the accent put to it!

The Office

There are so many hilarious sketches from The Office, however it is rare that the one we are selected ever gets mentioned during “Best Of..” debates or reviews of the show.

In an early episode of the UK version, it is Quiz Night for the staff at Wernham Hogg paper merchants. Boss David Brent and his vile friend Finchy lost the quiz on a tie-break, and Finchy is adamant it is Brent’s fault.

When being chastised by Finchy, Brent admits that he thought the leader of the Cuban Revolution was that legendary maker of tinned pies, Fray Bentos!

The Simpsons

There are far too many golden selections to choose from when it comes to hilarious sketches in The Simpsons, however one gloriously recurring topic looks at Homer’s love affair with food. Perhaps the funniest is when he becomes a trucker, to honour the memory of a truck driver who died while challenging him to a steak-eating contest. Another classic is when Homer, and his family, mistakenly believe he is going to die having eaten a “poisonous blowfish” on a previous visit to a Japanese fish restaurant.

Food and recipes are much more fun when they are taken out of regular, run-of-the-mill cookery shows. Comedy will even often inspire you to make some of the featured meals yourself.

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